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Jim is the founder of Scotch Addict and one of the many fans of whisky in all its forms. Connect with me on Google+.

SWIG Leather Flask Review

First things first, I received a review flask for free from SWIG. Let’s get that out of the way – they didn’t pay me to review it but they did send me one so I could review it in the … Continue reading

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What do you think of artificial aging?

I read an article in Wired today titled “This Guy Says He Can Make 20-Year-Old Rum in 6 Days.” The article is very detailed (and thus long) but it tells the story of how Bryan Davis started Lost Spirits and … Continue reading

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Why I Enjoy My Whisky Neat

When I first started drinking whisky, I’d pour it into a glass with some ice. (for those who gasped, it wasn’t scotch at least!) I’d always seen it enjoyed that way in the movies so that’s how I did it. … Continue reading

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Teeling Whiskey Single Grain Tasting Notes

Teeling Whiskey Single Grain is, as you’d expect, a single grain whiskey fully matured in Cabernet Sauvignon casks from California. Single grain means that it’s, in part, made with grains other than malted barley (in this case, corn). By comparison, … Continue reading

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What’s a Whisky Wedge?

I thought I’d seen it all when it came to “whisky chilling technology.” You have whisky stones, made of soap stones. You have massive ice cubes and ice balls. Now, you have the “whiskey wedge.” It’s essentially ice frozen into … Continue reading

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