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In Defense of the Double Old Fashioned Glass

Read enough whisky blogs, or any articles where they talk about glassware and spirits you drink neat, and you’ll notice that most experts don’t recommend the iconic Old Fashioned glass. When you’re enjoying something neat, most recommend scotch glasses that … Continue reading

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My Brother-in-Law’s Old Fashioned Cocktail Recipe

My brother-in-law loves an Old-Fashioned cocktail. Ever since seeing its resurgence in popularity on Mad Men, he’s been mixing them whenever we get together and he’s turned me into a convert. It’s got The best part about his recipe is … Continue reading

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Presbyterian Revenge Cocktail Recipe

Most of the time I drink scotch, I do it neat. Very rarely do I add ice, but when I do it’s often because it’s a cocktail. I’m a sucker for a nice, balanced, fruit-inspired cocktail. I discovered this one, … Continue reading

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Elijah Craig 12 YO Bourbon Tasting Notes Review

Big day! A few weeks ago, I mentioned I wanted to get into some bourbon whiskey and you guys sent in some fantastic suggestions. Until recently, my experience was limited to the stuff available by the 1.75L in plastic jugs … Continue reading

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What does triple distilled mean and does it matter?

Auchentoshan bills itself (the Long Version explanation is absolutely fascinating) as the only triple distilled single malt scotch. It’s one of those phrases that gets used in marketing and I never really knew what impact it had on whisky. The … Continue reading

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Jura 10yo Origin Tasting Notes

Jura! Apparently there is a Swiss company named Jura and they make coffee machines. Today, we’re not talking about that Jura, we’re talking about Jura Whisky on the isle of Jura. Specifically, the 10 Year Old Origin. (we’ve looked at … Continue reading

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Knappogue Castle & Clontarf Irish Whiskey Tasting Notes

It’s only a couple weeks until St. Patrick’s Day and Castle Brands send me a sampling of their lineup. Castle Brands makes a line of single malt irish whiskey, which is essentially “Scotch whisky” made in Ireland. They use malted … Continue reading

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Johnnie Walker Gold Label Discontinued Too

Johnnie Walker Green Label was not the only execution in the JW lineup. Apparently, and I’m admittedly a little slow to the news, Gold Label has been discontinued as well. From a Johnnie Walker representative: Unfortunately, Johnnie Walker Gold Label … Continue reading

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Why is bourbon so sweet?

One unmistakable difference between bourbon whiskey and scotch whisky is the sweetness. You can come up with a variety of flavor profiles for any scotch whisky and “sweet” is unlikely to be one of them. Floral and fruity are likely … Continue reading

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Enter to Win a Set of Glencairn Crystal Whiskey Tasting Glasses

Who doesn’t love a giveaway? I’ve had the pleasure of running a blog about my favorite hobby, scotch, for many years (first post was December 2008) and I’ve never run a giveaway. Stunning, right? Well, today that ends. For the … Continue reading

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