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Jim is the founder of Scotch Addict and one of the many fans of whisky in all its forms. Connect with me on Google+.

Reader Report: Arran Malt & Kilchoman Tasting Notes

Today’s reader report comes from an event back in October of this year in which Gary, again at a $10 Binny’s Beverage Depot event, sampled Arran and Kilchoman. Longtime readers of Scotch Addict are probably familiar with fellow reader Gary. … Continue reading

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Bowmore 15YO Darkest Tasting Notes

In my evolution as a Scotch aficionado, I discovered Bowmore far too late… but better late than never! I believe my first introduction was a gift from my good friend Rick, whom you may remember from my post about scotches … Continue reading

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Best Scotch for a Special Occasion

“What is the best scotch for a special occasion?” A reader recently emailed me that question and I absolutely loved it. In Chinese culture (and many many others), alcohol features prominently in celebrations of any kind. Almost every family has … Continue reading

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Highland Park Dark Origins Tasting Notes

I haven’t written many tasting notes from Highland Park, though I’ve had my fair share, and today I get a chance to remedy that with a look at Highland Park Dark Origins. A little background on Highland Park, it’s the … Continue reading

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What is chill filtering and why do they chill filter whisky?

Chill filtering is the practice of cooling the whisky all the way down to 0°C, or lower for blended whisky, so you can filter out potential sediments (fatty acids, proteins and esters) created in the distillation process or passed along … Continue reading

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