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Jim is the founder of Scotch Addict and one of the many fans of whisky in all its forms. Connect with me on Google+.

Magnum Cream Liqueur Review

It’s been a very mild winter here in Maryland this year and it’s a shame because one of my favorite adult beverages after a morning of shoveling snow is some Baileys Irish Cream in my coffee. It’s a good combination … Continue reading

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Do You Keep Whisky Boxes and Tubes?

An interesting question came up in the Facebook group today — the gist of is, why do you keep whisky boxes and tubes? Personally, I keep some of them. I put most of my whisky in a cabinet — a … Continue reading

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Suntory Whisky Toki – Tasting Notes

Suntory Whisky is a distillery that’s been in business since 1899 and most whisky fans have known about them, seeing as they’re one of the only Japanese whisky brands available in the United States (I’m not aware of any others … Continue reading

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The Apple Claus Cocktail

Whisky doesn’t often need to be mixed but I’m a sucker for a tasty cocktail. Today, I bring you “The Apple Claus.” It’s a creation of Laura Moore of The Epicurean Hotel Edge rooftop bar (I love that they call … Continue reading

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Booker’s Tasting Notes (Batch 2015-04)

The first time I sipped Booker’s I had no idea what I was in for. My wife bought it for me as a gift. It came in this nice wooden box, the bottle looked cool, and the sauce inside looked … Continue reading

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