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Best Whisky Ice Cube Trays & Molds

I’m not a purist but I don’t put ice in my single malt scotch. I rarely put it in any other type of whiskey I drink. Irish whiskey is so light it never needs it. I like feeling like a … Continue reading

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How to Wash Out and Clean a Hip Flask

A couple weekends ago, we joined our good friends in a Light The Night Walk in support of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Our friend battled through the disease and we’re always thrilled to support her. Having walked for a … Continue reading

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NEAT Glass Review

The first time I tried whisky, it was in a standard rocks glass. Straight sides, wide opening, plenty of space for an ice cube or three (though I didn’t put one). If you had asked me, back then, if I … Continue reading

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The topic of flasks doesn’t come up a lot here on Scotch Addict because every good scotch drinker knows that it’s best to enjoy your dram out of a whisky glass, not some flask. That said, from time to time, … Continue reading

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Does the Scotch Whisky Glass Really Matter?

Whisky glasses come in all shapes and sizes. From the old school Old Fashioned tumblers with straight sides to the various snifters styles with a tapered mouth and Glencairns – there’s a lot of debate over how important the shape … Continue reading

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