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What does triple distilled mean and does it matter?

Auchentoshan bills itself (the Long Version explanation is absolutely fascinating) as the only triple distilled single malt scotch. It’s one of those phrases that gets used in marketing and I never really knew what impact it had on whisky. The … Continue reading

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Is Peatyness Measurable?

Yes! Peaty-ness, or more accurately smokiness (the smoke comes from the burning of peat as a fuel source to heat to dry the barley), is measured in parts per million (ppm) of phenols in the barley before it’s been milled. … Continue reading

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Do You Need to Aerate Whisky?

If you’re a fan of red wine, you’ll know that one of the tips to help “open up” a bottle of red wine is to aerate it or decant it. Aerate simply means to introduce air to the wine, usually … Continue reading

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How Much is a Bottle of Macallan?

I’ve always considered The Macallan to be the BMW of scotch whisky (or, if you prefer, the Apple iPhone). There is no doubt that Macallan puts out a great scotch whisky but you’re paying for a lot of brand name, … Continue reading

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IWSC 2013 Gold Outstanding Single Malt Scotches

I like looking at the results of the International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC) each year. I don’t put a tremendous amount of credence to the awards themselves but I do like looking at which malts scored highly because it … Continue reading

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How Long Will an Opened Bottle of Whisky Stay Good?

1-2 years. If it’s sealed and kept in the right conditions, it could last forever. In fact, famed explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton abandoned an Antarctic expedition in 1907. That expedition included several bottles of Mackinlay’s and three were discovered over … Continue reading

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Oldest Known Record of Scotch: 1494

I stumbled upon this little nugget of trivia the other day: What is the earliest historic record of the distillation of Scotch whisky? The earliest historical reference to distilling in Scotland appears in the Scottish Exchequer Rolls for 1494, where … Continue reading

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Best Scotch for a Mixed Drink

My brother in law loves to order Manhattans. A Manhattan is basically whiskey, sweet vermouth, and bitters. The whiskey can be any kind of whiskey – rye (Canadian) is most popular but you can use bourbon (Kentucky), a blended whiskey, … Continue reading

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Are Leaded Crystal Decanters Dangerous?

Chris asked a very important question in our post about why do people put scotch in decanters. He wanted to know why I suggested lead free crystal decanters instead of leaded crystal decanters, which are often heavier and sparklier (is … Continue reading

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Scotch Whisky Naming Conventions

Look at enough bottles of Scotch whisky and you’ll start seeing the same words over and over again. How many distilleries have “glen” in their name? Glenlivet, Glenfiddich, Glengoyne, Glenfarclas, Glen Grant… you get the idea. Many of the distillers … Continue reading

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