Johnnie Walker Green Label Discontinued

Johnnie Walker GreenIt looks like Johnnie Walker Green Label will be discontinued.

I emailed Johnnie Walker and received this response from a representative named Eliza –

“We value loyal consumers such as yourself and we appreciate your enthusiasm. Unfortunately, Johnnie Walker Green Label has been discontinued and currently there are no plans to offer this product again in the future. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, and appreciate that you took the time to express your support for this product. However, we are glad to hear that you enjoyed Johnnie Walker Double Black Label and we encourage you to try Johnnie Walker Platinum Label or Johnnie Walker Gold Reserve in hopes that you may find a new favorite.”

Update February 2015: JW Green may be available in North America again – more details here.

I suspect the move has to do with sales. Johnny Walker Black and Red are quite affordable at $26 and $20 a bottle respective. Johnnie Walker Blue lives in that “luxury” realm of scotch at $160 a bottle.

Then you have Johnnie Walker Gold at $70.

And Johnnie Walker Green at around $50 a bottle.

To the novice scotch drinker or gift giver, you can either go inexpensive with Red and Black or you go up the luxury spectrum and consider Gold at $70 or Blue at twice the price. The $50 price point gets lost.

I’ve tried each of the five, most recently I tried the Green, Gold and Blue in one sitting. I can’t honestly say that the Green stood out above the others in any meaningful way and at $50 I don’t know if it’s particularly memorable, I’m sad to say. While I’m always sad to see anything be discontinued, I’d be lying if I said I’d miss it but you can always try to make your own!

It contains Talisker, Caol Ila, Cragganmore, and Linkwood with each being at least 15 years old.

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190 Responses to Johnnie Walker Green Label Discontinued

  1. matt says:

    I noticed it was rereleased recently, but cant find any info on it. It’s no longer a corked bottle like it used to be, not sure if there’s any differences in the actual whiskey though. anyone have any info?

  2. Richard says:

    Rereleased? RERELEASED!!!!!!?


    I bought the last 2 bottles in Texas about 4 months ago. Had to have them shipped to Dallas from the corners of the state. Been nursing them ever since, not anxious to have to do without this great malt blend.

    If anyone knows where to get this in the USofA, I volunteer to find out if the spirit is different from the previous, corked version.

    • Ted says:

      It simply showed up on the shelves of my local liquor store in CT — and as everyone else on this chat has noted, it’s got a measured, plastic stopper and a screw cap – no more cork. I think it’s going to be readily available everywhere soon. I THINK the taste was the same — but I really need to compare it to the remaining bottles I have stored up in Maine to know for sure.

      • Ron says:

        If there is a measured plastic cap on the bottle, it was destined for the far east. This is the way JW protects the bottles from being reused with an inferior product as many countries do not have strict liquor laws. The spirit is the same, so enjoy.

  3. jason debly says:

    I emailed Diageo in an attempt to get some answers. Sometimes they respond to my past queries while at other times I am ignored.

    If I hear anything I will post it here.

    • jason debly says:

      I never heard back from Diageo, I have from many others that the current release retains the 15 yr age statement. One notable change is that these bottles do not have cork stoppers but rather twist off cap with a jigger device in the neck. I don’t care if Diageo went cheap on the cap so long as they didn’t go cheap on the whisky.

      A reader needs to post a tasting note of this recent release.

      • Ted says:

        I bought it when it appeared — I believe it tastes the same as the original but really need a side by side to confirm. I noticed that this is four 15-year-old single malts, blended; I have a distinct recollection that the original was fifteen 15-year-old single malts, but I could be wrong.

  4. Joe in New Jersey says:

    Green is available again but for a limited time. I just spoke with a rep at the Whisky Show in NYC. It seems that Johnny Walker Green is very popular in Taiwan so it will always be available there, but they just sent one batch to North America so it’s strictly a limited time item. Act now if you want it.

  5. paulo dos ramos says:

    If I have a bottle of green lable 750ml,what is the offer on it,I am in south africa,and 1 litre as well,what expected value will green label have in the future

  6. Max says:

    Guys can u please help me to distunguish orignal from fake Johnnie Walker Black Label.

  7. Brian says:

    Just bought 3 bottles of Green at Costco yesterday…$45.99 each. Lots of cases stacked up there (san Jose, Ca.)

    • Rick Cooke says:

      Lots of the new Green bottles here in Maryland but the price point is a disappointment @ $65 on low end and $75 being the norm. I just picked up some JW Platinum 18yo on sale for $58 a bottle. For the Green $45 is ideal price point IMO. Dewar 15 I can get for $40, not a good as JW Green or is it apple to apples compare other then being 15 and a blend but again its not an apples to apples blend. Point being the price needs to be realistic. I purchased two bottles of JW Green at $69 but I doubt I’ll do that again if I can get 18yo for same price. Just need to stock up when there are sales.

  8. Harry Chin says:

    What most people don’t seem to realize is that while all the other Johnny Walker labels are Blended Scotches, Johnny Walker Green Label is the only Blended MALT Scotch. This means that it is distilled from a 100% malted barley mash with no neutral spirits (like vodka) added to the blend. This is what makes the Green Label superior to all the other Labels of Johnny Walker and this is what makes the Green Label a Scotch-drinker’s Scotch. Most liquor stores generally place them in the blended scotch sections with all the other Johnny Walker Labels, as well as Famous Grouse, Dewar’s, and Chivas Regal, when really, it should be placed in the sections of blended or single malts along with Monkey Shoulder, Sheep Dip, McCallan and Glenlivet. Knowing this, you can come to realize the bargain you’re getting with this high-quality whisky. It was eventually discontinued because people thought, “why would I buy the Green for $50+ when I can get Black for under $25?” Hence, no one bought Green Label. In terms of quality, I would purchase and enjoy Green Label over Blue Label any day, even if they are both the same price.

    • Tony Triano says:

      Just bought a bottle of Green at a random liquor store I passed on the way home from work. I was pleasantly surprised to find it as other stores in my area don’t have a single bottle! I have read that it had been re-released and was anxious to get my hands on a bottle. I have been enjoying Double Black but I have to say, this is really outstanding. The only thing I don’t like about it is there is some funky pour cap in the bottle. Apparently it’s something Diageo has implemented to prevent counterfitting. Anyway, I couldn’t agree with Harry more – this really is an outstanding product. Go find a bottle and enjoy – you wont regret it.

  9. Jason Debly says:

    I think the Green Label of a few years ago was truly incredibly as it exhibited tremendous complexity of flavor. However, this recent reintroduction or re-launch is not tasting the same. It is sweeter and on the finish it is less trying. I sense that Talisker or Caol Ila is not in the same proportions as blended in the older version. For that reason, it is no longer better than Blue Label.

    While Green Label is a blended malt (containing no grain whisky) that attribute in itself does not automatically mean a blended malt is always superior to a blended Scotch. Monkey Shoulder is a prime example. I am not a great fan of it. I find it thin and lacking depth and much like Chivas 12. Matter of fact, I prefer Chivas 12 the blend over Monkey Shoulder the blended malt. Another example would be Hibiki 17yrs or 21yrs or Yamazaki 12 yrs. These Japanese whiskies are all blends of grain and malt whiskies. All these Japanese whiskies are superior to the relaunched Green Label.

    I really was a huge fan of the old Green, but the new one is a shadow of its former self.


  10. Kaushal karia says:

    They didn’t re release it, it’s simply the last of it in existence. They rounded up all that was left and are seeking it off in North America. I own a liquor store and it available to be at 58$ wholesale. I’m not buying it because I previously paid 27$ on Closeout when they initially liquidated it. I retailed it for $44.99 and my customers are spoiled, no way they will pay an 69$ retail

    • Nate Green says:

      Heck, I’d pay more than that. I think it’s much better than Blue Label.

    • Jack Tolmachoff says:

      Hello, kaushal, The Green Labels are not the same. The earlier release is listed and labeled as a Pure Malt. The recent release of The Green Label is listed differently, a Blended version? I’m not certain as to why “they” are marketing their product differently? There seems to be an insincere approach to the Jonnie Walker marketing approach to selling. It really shouldn’t be this difficult to decipher an open product, however…and sadly, we as consumers need to keep a close eye on potential shady marketing and their company’s.

  11. Tom Scarb says:

    From what I’ve heard, It’s available in Asia.

  12. jose carlos says:


  13. jason says:

    I bought two of these at my local vintage cellars in Sydney last Wednesday.

    They were $65 per bottle. Dan Murphys have them listed as coming soon with a price of $79.99

    The two I got at vintage cellars are in the new heavier style new bottle, but they are not a twist top. Both bottles also came in a box have a cork.

  14. Shawn says:

    hi i have a bottle of green label 750ml with the box im in durban south africa any offers on it

    • Chris says:

      Hi Shawn
      I’d like to buy your JW Green label. You still have it?
      I live in Cape Town.

    • roy c. says:

      hi shawn. I got a 200ml bottle in box 15 year old. did you get it in Dubai? I also bought a 12year old black label anniversary with gold striding man at the same time, both in Dubai. cheers roy

  15. Jaci says:

    hey guys,

    I’m from Montreal Canada.

    Does anyone know where I can get it from???

  16. Carlos says:

    I just open my now, in los Angeles.California 9 and Main st. At downtown :-)!

  17. Vincent says:

    Hi,I’m in Cape Town,South Africa,I have a bottle Johnny Walker Green Lable in a box,make me an offer.

  18. Vijaya says:

    I have 2 Green Label 1000ml 15years bottles in India.

    I have purchased it in the year 2009 January.

    Can i know what will be the expected value of each green label bottle.

  19. Dylan Thom says:

    I have a bottle

  20. Paul says:

    I’ve just received a boxed, corked bottle of Johnnie Walker Green from my daughter for Father’s Day (06/09/15 in Australia), purchased from one of the main Liquor chains here, Dan Murphy, owned by Woolworths. I have no idea how long it will be available or if it will be continued, but needless to say, it will be put away and stored very carefully for a very long time and enjoyed on a very special occasion.

  21. Mike says:

    I have a genuine corked 1Lt Johnnie Walker 15 year old in a box in excellent condition. The price is R2000.
    I live in Cape Town South Africa.
    You may publish my email address should anyone be interested in buying.

  22. Nenad Prokic says:

    I just both the last bottle in Belgrade with cork top. Farewell to Green JW.

  23. Nate Green says:

    My son works for a major liquor retailer in Seattle and told me about a month ago that they received only 5 fifths of Green Label. I unfortunately didn’t act on it immediately and they all sold within two hours. I was fortunate enough to locate a bottle today at $90.52 US. There’s a difference in the bottle, ie, thickness and a different neck, but I’m happy to have aquired the last bottle in stock. I’m saving it for Christmas Eve, so it’ll be three months before I discover what’s changed, hopefully not the flavor of this find blend. This bottle of Johnnie is going to be harder to aquire than Pappy Van Winkle. :::feeling lucky:::

  24. Randy Dwight says:

    I love the green label . when I saw they were going to discontinue I kept my last bottle unopened . then was talking to my local liquor store manager where I order a lot of liquor . she said she could get it for me . I have gotten 2 bottles of it . these are taller stouter bottles than my last one and they didn’t come in a box . I’ve not opened or tried the new ones but will open one tonight . it does have a screw cap as opposed to cork on originals . cost was $60 .

  25. Peter Tinley says:

    As soon as i found out it was being discontinued i went to my local liquor store and bought 3 cases. Bottoms up 🙂

  26. Nate Green says:

    I walked into a liquor store two weeks ago just to see if they had any in stock and found 9 fifths on the shelf, I bought them and now have 10. I’ve called every liquor store within a 100 mile radius, that’s all she wrote around these parts.

  27. Andrew Saxton says:

    I recently bought 2x new green lable 700ml $80 for the 1st & $70 for the 2nd, Dan murphys a major liquor in Australia has them on special for $70, liqourland also has these on special too for $70 while stocks last, liquorland also had the gold lable priced at $70
    I still have just below 1/4 of bottle left of old green lable left, I wasn’t able to buy any more before being discontinued
    I plan on buying as much new green lable as I can before it gets discontinued again
    My collection: 1 double black (half bottle) 1 blue lable (half bottle), gold lable travellers edition 1ltr (unopened) the spice road (too spicy for my liking) 3/4 left, the gold route (unopened), the royal route (unopened), old green lable (bottle nearly finished, 2x new green labels, the glenlevitt 12yrs

  28. Daniel's campos says:

    I have two green label 43%vol/alc. 700ml for sale in mexico… Its very hard to find this whisky here

  29. Fitzgerald says:

    What is good to mix with the JW Green Label? I was told that green tea mixes well with it if you’re consuming it with a mix. I welcome any replies.

    Thank you!

  30. J. Alexander says:

    I bought a bottle of JW Green Label in 1999, at the airport in Tokyo!
    In a cool dry place un-opened. Still in the box!

  31. Mahesh Devjani says:

    I had purchased a bottle of JW Green label in 2005 at the airport in Singapore. Yet to open it. My son purchased today JW Green Label at the Heathrow Airport London for 47 Pounds. Will have to check on the difference between the two bottles when he arrives tomorrow in Goa India.

  32. michael brown says:

    I bought a bottle in February 2012 on a P&O cruise ship. After being told it is being discontinued. I paid 90 dollars it is a litre. The bottle is embossed with the JW walking man and est 1820 Kilmarnock and what appears to be a coat of arms. It is corked and obviously 15year old. I would like to know is it discontinued can I still buy it in Australia and is the bottle I have worth anything or should I just drink it.

  33. Ned says:

    Does anyone have a picture of the actual bottle? How to you know if it is a cork or a screw on cap. I recently bought one and from what i have been reading it seems i paid too much for it. I got the 1litre bottle. I also got the blue label750ml and the bottle of the blue is actually bigger compared to the green

  34. ABV says:

    ABC Store in Moyock NC has 8-12 bottles of the previous Green Label.

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