Johnnie Walker Green Label Discontinued

Johnnie Walker GreenIt looks like Johnnie Walker Green Label will be discontinued.

I emailed Johnnie Walker and received this response from a representative named Eliza –

“We value loyal consumers such as yourself and we appreciate your enthusiasm. Unfortunately, Johnnie Walker Green Label has been discontinued and currently there are no plans to offer this product again in the future. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, and appreciate that you took the time to express your support for this product. However, we are glad to hear that you enjoyed Johnnie Walker Double Black Label and we encourage you to try Johnnie Walker Platinum Label or Johnnie Walker Gold Reserve in hopes that you may find a new favorite.”

Update February 2015: JW Green may be available in North America again – more details here.

I suspect the move has to do with sales. Johnny Walker Black and Red are quite affordable at $26 and $20 a bottle respective. Johnnie Walker Blue lives in that “luxury” realm of scotch at $160 a bottle.

Then you have Johnnie Walker Gold at $70.

And Johnnie Walker Green at around $50 a bottle.

To the novice scotch drinker or gift giver, you can either go inexpensive with Red and Black or you go up the luxury spectrum and consider Gold at $70 or Blue at twice the price. The $50 price point gets lost.

I’ve tried each of the five, most recently I tried the Green, Gold and Blue in one sitting. I can’t honestly say that the Green stood out above the others in any meaningful way and at $50 I don’t know if it’s particularly memorable, I’m sad to say. While I’m always sad to see anything be discontinued, I’d be lying if I said I’d miss it but you can always try to make your own!

It contains Talisker, Caol Ila, Cragganmore, and Linkwood with each being at least 15 years old.

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144 Responses to Johnnie Walker Green Label Discontinued

  1. matt says:

    I noticed it was rereleased recently, but cant find any info on it. It’s no longer a corked bottle like it used to be, not sure if there’s any differences in the actual whiskey though. anyone have any info?

  2. Richard says:

    Rereleased? RERELEASED!!!!!!?


    I bought the last 2 bottles in Texas about 4 months ago. Had to have them shipped to Dallas from the corners of the state. Been nursing them ever since, not anxious to have to do without this great malt blend.

    If anyone knows where to get this in the USofA, I volunteer to find out if the spirit is different from the previous, corked version.

    • Ted says:

      It simply showed up on the shelves of my local liquor store in CT — and as everyone else on this chat has noted, it’s got a measured, plastic stopper and a screw cap – no more cork. I think it’s going to be readily available everywhere soon. I THINK the taste was the same — but I really need to compare it to the remaining bottles I have stored up in Maine to know for sure.

      • Ron says:

        If there is a measured plastic cap on the bottle, it was destined for the far east. This is the way JW protects the bottles from being reused with an inferior product as many countries do not have strict liquor laws. The spirit is the same, so enjoy.

  3. jason debly says:

    I emailed Diageo in an attempt to get some answers. Sometimes they respond to my past queries while at other times I am ignored.

    If I hear anything I will post it here.

    • jason debly says:

      I never heard back from Diageo, I have from many others that the current release retains the 15 yr age statement. One notable change is that these bottles do not have cork stoppers but rather twist off cap with a jigger device in the neck. I don’t care if Diageo went cheap on the cap so long as they didn’t go cheap on the whisky.

      A reader needs to post a tasting note of this recent release.

      • Ted says:

        I bought it when it appeared — I believe it tastes the same as the original but really need a side by side to confirm. I noticed that this is four 15-year-old single malts, blended; I have a distinct recollection that the original was fifteen 15-year-old single malts, but I could be wrong.

  4. Joe in New Jersey says:

    Green is available again but for a limited time. I just spoke with a rep at the Whisky Show in NYC. It seems that Johnny Walker Green is very popular in Taiwan so it will always be available there, but they just sent one batch to North America so it’s strictly a limited time item. Act now if you want it.

  5. paulo dos ramos says:

    If I have a bottle of green lable 750ml,what is the offer on it,I am in south africa,and 1 litre as well,what expected value will green label have in the future

  6. Max says:

    Guys can u please help me to distunguish orignal from fake Johnnie Walker Black Label.

  7. Brian says:

    Just bought 3 bottles of Green at Costco yesterday…$45.99 each. Lots of cases stacked up there (san Jose, Ca.)

    • Rick Cooke says:

      Lots of the new Green bottles here in Maryland but the price point is a disappointment @ $65 on low end and $75 being the norm. I just picked up some JW Platinum 18yo on sale for $58 a bottle. For the Green $45 is ideal price point IMO. Dewar 15 I can get for $40, not a good as JW Green or is it apple to apples compare other then being 15 and a blend but again its not an apples to apples blend. Point being the price needs to be realistic. I purchased two bottles of JW Green at $69 but I doubt I’ll do that again if I can get 18yo for same price. Just need to stock up when there are sales.

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