What is a Dram? How Much is a Dram?

You’ll most often hear people talk about how they’re going to enjoy a dram of Scotch or pour themselves a wee dram, which is a unit of measure not often used in the United States.

It usually refers to a “small amount” but it actually has a definition according to the U.S. Customary System.

A US fluid dram is an eighth of a fluid ounce, 60 min (that’s short for minim, which is about a drop) or around 3.7 mL of liquid.

It is actually smaller than a teaspoon, which is measured as 80 min, so chances are someone is pouring themselves several drams of whisky. 🙂

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  1. Jim says:

    Hi Jim I just started getting into whiskey, mostly bourbons. After a couple of months of drinking buffalo trace, evan williams, Woodford reserve and others on ice I am now drinking with a splash of water. I am interested in trying scotch. Should I start with blended or single malt. Peaty, low peat, or no peat.

    Thanks Jim

  2. Thank you for this information it helped me alot

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