$200,000 Dalmore 62 Year

There are expensive bottles of scotch… and then there are expensive bottles of scotch you could actually buy (well, if you had two hundred grand). When it comes to the most expensive scotches, they’re usually extremely rare and not available in stores.

This is the most expensive bottle available in a retail store, in this case it was the duty free shop in Singapore’s Changi Airport. This bottle was available in 2002 for $39,000; making the $200,000 sale price an appreciation that beats the stock market quite handily. There were, of course, only 12 of these bottles ever produced.

This breaks the previous retail record of $188,000 set just three months ago in London for a bottle of Dalmore 64.

7 thoughts on “$200,000 Dalmore 62 Year

  1. Hi
    I am not a whiskey expert but do like some fine ones, just want to ask you about fake ones.
    Recently I have seen glenfiddich 18 yr olds being sold very cheap – £24.99. Cheaper than 12 yr olds!!!. It’s well packed and has got an uk stamp, but some somehow the sticker is not as slick as the expensive one,
    Any comments

  2. I am simply curious as to whether anyone knows the names of the 12 bottles of ’62 Dalmore? Sinclair was sold in China. Matheson was sold and drank the same night by 5 friends…. what are the others?

  3. Im curious about this bottle if it s still available in the market for purchasing? Do you have any information of this 62 and 64 yo of Dalmore? Hope to hear from you Jim!

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