40 Year Old Glenfarclas Whisky

What Does John Know? that Glenfarclas has released a 40 year old whisky to their offerings. Glenfarclas will now have two 40 year old offerings, the new 46% ABV and the existing limited edition 43% Scottish Classic that was limited to 600 bottles.

Here are the tasting notes from the Glenfarclas website:

Colour: Rich dark mysterious Gold

Nose: Reminiscent of relaxing in an old leather armchair while eating walnuts and chocolate covered raisins.

Flavour: A sweet initial taste, orange segments dipped in liquid chocolate. Then a lovely flavour of burnt brown sugar at the back of the mouth

Finish: The dry finish oozes big tannins and more rich dark cocoa beans. Let the whisky breathe a little or add a drop or two of water to fully open up the dram

It seems fairly priced at £350.

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