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Johnnie Walker Blue “Smart” Whisky Bottle

You have to be kidding me. I have about twenty different things I hate about this idea that Johnnie Walker will be doing with the Blue Label bottle. The gist is that they’ll be sticking a sensor tag on it … Continue reading

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Is Johnnie Walker Green Back in Production? Maybe.

A few years ago, Johnnie Walker discontinued Johnnie Walker Green Label, much to the chagrin of many a fan. As recently as October 2013, they had no plans to offer it again. But readers in our Facebook group reported talking … Continue reading

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What is the Best Beginner Scotch Whisky?

When it comes to premium liquors, Scotch whisky is one of the more expensive categories. That’s because Scotch whisky has to come from Scotland and is subject to a variety of duties and taxes as it enter the United States. … Continue reading

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What’s Caramel Coloring in Whisky? (E150a)

If I put two glasses in front of you, one the color of pale grass Bud Light and the other as dark as a Guinness Stout… which one do you think has more flavor? Which one has more punch and … Continue reading

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Best Scotch for a Special Occasion

“What is the best scotch for a special occasion?” A reader recently emailed me that question and I absolutely loved it. In Chinese culture (and many many others), alcohol features prominently in celebrations of any kind. Almost every family has … Continue reading

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