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Best Scotch Whisky Books

When I was in Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport, I stopped by their duty free shop (the one right through the security checkpoint) to see what they had. It was a beautifully set up little area for single malt scotches. I wish … Continue reading

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What is the smokiest peatiest scotch whisky?

Smoke! Peat! Phenols! Once you enjoy a peaty scotch in front of a roaring fire, there are fewer things better. There’s just something about staring at the flicker of the flames and enjoying a dram. Chances are you’ve had some … Continue reading

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What does triple distilled mean and does it matter?

Auchentoshan bills itself (the Long Version explanation is absolutely fascinating) as the only triple distilled single malt scotch. It’s one of those phrases that gets used in marketing and I never really knew what impact it had on whisky. The … Continue reading

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Is Peatyness Measurable?

Yes! Peaty-ness, or more accurately smokiness (the smoke comes from the burning of peat as a fuel source to heat to dry the barley), is measured in parts per million (ppm) of phenols in the barley before it’s been milled. … Continue reading

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Do You Need to Aerate Whisky?

If you’re a fan of red wine, you’ll know that one of the tips to help “open up” a bottle of red wine is to aerate it or decant it. Aerate simply means to introduce air to the wine, usually … Continue reading

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