Classic Malt’s Flavour Map

One of the reasons why I enjoy scotch so much has to do with the complex flavor profiles. It always amazes me how many subtleties there are in the spirit when you consider the main components are the same. When I visited the Macallan distillery and took the tour, we were treated to a little aromatics museum that had glass jars holding the various “flavors” many people reference. I learned the difference between “dried fruit” and “fresh fruit” flavors, which is a difference you can only learn when you smell the two side by side. It’s hard to nose a particular note if you aren’t sure what you are smelling… it’s like trying to pick out the cello in an orchestra when you’ve never heard the cello, viola, or violin.

That’s where this fun flavour map comes in. Building up a framework is important in helping you enjoy anything, scotch included.

What do you think about it?

One thought on “Classic Malt’s Flavour Map

  1. There’s a commercial “aroma kit” I’ve seen on the Internet. Tries to give you examples of the different armomas or flavors to pick out of scotch. A little pricey~$200. Has anyone tried this? Is s it worth the money?

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