How to Drink Whisky with Richard Paterson

Great video with Richard Paterson of Whyte & Mackay teaching duty free staff how to drink whisky (first two minutes cover the how, the rest cover tasting notes for some of their brands). When I first started drinking whisky, I was doing it wrong. I was nosing it properly and I was holding the glass right, but I wasn’t holding it in my mouth long enough. The next time you drink whisky, hold it. Then hold it a little longer.

After only a few seconds, something magical starts to happen when it begins mixing with the saliva in your mouth. It feels like the taste buds on your tongue awaken and open up, letting the flavor in. It’s actually quite amazing once you start to do it and that’s where the real fun is (and close your eyes).

My favorite part? When he pours a little into the Copita glass and then pours it out. He cleans a glass with whisky! (when he has a conversation with the whisky is a close second favorite)

2 thoughts on “How to Drink Whisky with Richard Paterson

  1. I agree, when I first started drinking whisky, I was doing it all wrong, both nosing and tasting. I just oruchaed a bottle of Highland Park 12, and wanted to see their presence on Youtube. They have produced a video, “Highland Park 12 Years Old” on how to proper nose and taste whisky. A different approach to Mr. Paterson, Gerry Tosh gives a masterclass, one that I find to my liking. Very informative video and posted to the Scotch Addict Facebook page.

    • Thanks for sharing that video! I was doing it all wrong too in the beginning, I was drinking it waaaaay too fast. I wasn’t saying hello and really enjoying it.

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