Is Johnnie Walker Green Back in Production? Maybe.

Johnnie Walker GreenA few years ago, Johnnie Walker discontinued Johnnie Walker Green Label, much to the chagrin of many a fan. As recently as October 2013, they had no plans to offer it again.

But readers in our Facebook group reported talking to their local liquor store and learning that JW Green was back in stock because it was in production.

Companies change their plans all the time and October 2013 was a long long time ago, was the store manager of the liquor store right? Is it back in production?

Turns out it’s not. I sent an email to Johnnie Walker and our friend Eliza (perhaps the same rep from Oct 2013!) has this to say:

Johnnie Walker Green Label was discontinued in North America, however, to celebrate the tenth anniversary of this world-renowned whisky we are releasing it as a limited time offering. Johnnie Walker Green Label should begin hitting store shelves throughout February 2015. I encourage you to speak with your local retailer to request they place an order for the product.

Hmmm… this makes it seem like it’s discontinued in North America only (otherwise why mention NA specifically, something they didn’t do in 2013), so it might be back in production. I sent another email to clarify and will update this post when I know more.

JW Green may or may not be back in production but it’s available, you may need to have your local store order it.

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  1. I was surprised to see an online retailer offering the Green this week, thinking that maybe I came across a secret stash, although a little more expensive than when it was previously available. If it turns out that it is being released again in North America, it will be good news, since it was an exception blend of single malts. I haven’t seen it readily available in my overseas travels the last couple of years either, but if it turns out that it was only being withheld from North American markets, and is now being test marketed at a higher price, then I think we have our answer as to why it was temporarily unavailable. C’est la vie.

  2. About a month ago (end of Jan 2015), I saw the JW Green 15 become available at a few vendors, one of which was here in New Orleans. Since then locally & on line, I have stocked up on about a dozen JWG15 bottles in the $52 to $56 before taxes/shipping price range. [You see, I need to get enough to last the rest of my life. 🙂 ] On line, I have seen prices from $50 to $70, with the substantial majority of prices in the $60 to $65 area.

    Indeed, I have to agree with Raul Chavez in his previous comment that JW Black 12 is great, wonderful, gorgeous, excellent, beyond tasty, and my daily go-to whiskey, Scotch Whisky, distilled spirit, and restaurant dram.

    However, JWG15 is a solid and definite step up, from my beloved JWB12. Is JWG15 worth the approximately $25-30 more than the $30-35 JWB12? For many people, possibly and understandably not. However, for me as a special dram, JWG15 is worth the net $55 to $60 cost.

    I feel that most any whisky lover, Scotch Whisky lover, and distilled spirit lover of normal means will find JWG15 worth $55 plus tax/shipping for the experience for at least for one bottle. Slainte, Richard

  3. I’d certainly try some were it offered, but I just can’t justify that kind of money for a blended Scotch, especially after a rather disappointing encounter with the JW Blue. Plenty of single malts out there, and a great many of them absolutely fantastic at that price point or better.

    • Alan,

      “””I’d certainly try some were it offered, but I just can’t justify that kind of money for a blended Scotch.”””

      JW Green 15 is a ‘Scotch blended malt’ whisky. This means that JWG15 consists only of multiple 100% single malts and contains no grain whiskys, which ‘Scotch blended whiskys’ contain. It seems that the major single malt contributors are Craggenmore, Linkwood, Caol Ila, & Talisker – not bad company.

      “””rather disappointing encounter with the JW Blue.”””

      I have not tasted JW Blue. However, from most reviews on line, JW Blue is good/OK, but certainly not worth the $170 – $200 plus price point.

      “””Plenty of single malts out there, and a great many of them absolutely fantastic at that price point or better.”””

      Yes, I must agree that there are quite a few excellent Scotch SMs in that $50-70 range, I have tasted a good number of them, & I love ’em. However, JWG15 holds up very well with those fine Scotch SMs in that price range.

      • It’s True, I paid $69.00 for mine today they only had two bottles for the entire store, and this is a pretty big liquor store that always gets the rarest of bunch. I was browsing thru the single malts as always looking for something new and spotted this gem, I couldn’t believe my eyes;) First I thought it must of been left over from few years ago but when I compared it to the one (almost gone) I have at home the bottle is a little different, so it must be new one.

        • I bought a bottle today for $63 after an employee discount (I’m the bug guy) at Liquor One in Orlando.

          I bought it because I regretted not buying it when they told me it was no longer being made.

          They had two or three cases

      • As a single malt scotch drinker, I have to say if I have to drink a blend, the only one that makes the cut is JWG. Blue is not as good and the price is ridiculous.

  4. JW Green Label is a malted blend that has a good following for a good reason. I place it above the Black Label that I am also fond of because there are no grain whiskys in the Green Label blend. A well blended malt has a very individual flavor that a master blender can get the same taste consistently batch after batch.

      • You may be right, and that would be nice. But Green has always been the odd man out in the JW lineup so I’ll be curious to see how this shakes out.

      • I heard that they never had any trouble selling it, rather the cost of producing it was too high. Since unlike rest of blends its mixed using only best single malts (I believe 15 of them) so no grain whisky added. I am sure it will reappear periodically in small numbers.

  5. This is indeed good news!

    I also dropped a line to Diageo but heard nothing back. This is encouraging. I received an email from a reader in British Columbia who said he saw it in a local liquor store.

  6. Hi Jim
    I totally agree with you JW green label is out of production that’s for sure. However, some bottle still can be found in few liquor store I have bought 3 bottles that I found in one of these stores and I think they were the last ones on the rack

  7. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw 6 bottles of green at my local store however the bottle shape and label design are bit different. Price point was around $60 for a 750ml.

    • It’s True, I paid $69.00 for mine today they only had two bottles for the entire store, and this is a pretty big liquor store that always gets the rarest of bunch. I was browsing thru the single malts as always looking for something new and spotted this gem, I couldn’t believe my eyes;) First I thought it must of been left over from few years ago but when I compared it to the one (almost gone) I have at home the bottle is a little different, so it must be new one.

  8. Found it here in Southern California at Costco – on sale $45!
    Sipping some now. Heading back tomorrow for some backup:)

  9. Same here Pete. Saw one at the Costco Victorville bought it and they said there was more at the San Bernardino Store. Bought 5 there. Wish I had money for more. Not taking any chances. I plan on buying one every 2 weeks until I have enough to last another discontinuance. Just in case.

  10. Is the new release sans cardboard box? How does it differ re bottle shape, label design, etc.? Different barcode number? (Got to be – OK, maybe that’s nitpicky but could be important if Diageo elects to continue this new version.)

      • Matt,

        I don’t know if it is fully fair to state that the metal cap is “cheap”. To my knowledge, the new JWG15 cap is a fairly sophisticated & seemingly modern tamper-resistant cap, which is probably among the most expensive in the Scotch Whisky world.

        I suspect that this new JWG15 metal cap was used instead of the trusty old cork is so that, with the tamper-resistant cap, less than ethical people would have increased difficulty in sucking out the real JWG15 liquid out of the bottle & replacing it with non-real JWG15 liquid.

        In fact, in all of the distilled spirits bottles with tamper-resistant tops that I have seen (I’ve seen a fairly large number, but not all), the JWG15 tamper-resistant cap seems to be the most technologically advanced & is probably the most difficult to be nefarious with.

        Then again, I can be wrong. 🙂 Slainte, Richard

  11. Couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this on the shelf again. This time there’s no box but the bottle has been updated to fit in with the look of JW’s more premium whiskys. Has anyone found the 1L size? So far it seems like there’s only 750ml bottles up for grabs. Don’t know how long this will last, I picked up 4 bottles, pretty sure it won’t be that long before I get a few more ….Just in case this is a one-off. It’s easily my favorite of the JW range (yep I’ve had ’em all!) And those few years that it’s been gone have been hard. Diageo said on many occasions that they had run short of the 4 15y SM’s that go into JWG and that it wouldn’t be returning… All I can say is I’m going to enjoy it while I can and make sure to have a few more extra bottles in the rafters!

  12. I too came across a BevMo that has restocked their shelves with the green label. They had about 5 or 6 bottles. All without box, and as mentioned earlier a little bit of a different look. They were priced at $68 here in California. I asked an employee and they weren’t too sure what was going on they just knew that they got a shipment last week.

  13. Just picked up two bottles here in Miami. $68 PB. No boxes. The owner said a rep told them they were testing the market for a return. I asked a bartender and he said he was told it’s not coming back and that they were drastically increasing their prices for it. I also found that they never deleted their green label page for the whiskey, just took all the product links away: Green Label. They usually delete the pages when it’s no longer being sold and hide them if they intend to use them again. Makes me think they might be bringing it back. It was my go-to drink for sometime, worth the money to me. Hope it makes a full return.

      • Thanks. In case anyone was wondering about the difference between the original release and the re-release, here is a picture I took of the two bottles. The one on the left was purchased in 2009 and the one of the right was purchased 2015.FrontBack. The one on the right (re-release) is clearly taller, and from what I’ve been told it’s so that people cannot put it in the original release box (it won’t fit) and sell it as an original release. The label is also a completely different, much darker green and doesn’t carry any of the original bottle marks. Happy sipping!

    • I bought one today for $63, discounted from $69

      Store owner thought they were new old stock, and that “they” had found 600 cases somewhere in some warehouse.

      The bottles were obviously different, but I could not tel exactly how so figured it was a rerelease due to customer pressure

  14. I bought two bottles of Green Label yesterday for $49.95 each (not counting tax/shipping) at I too thought it was some left over stock, but it’s also at winechateau and bevmo (though it’s $63 at the latter). Apparently there ARE some subtle differences in the packaging (new vs old) such as the newer ones having a screw top (not a cork). It’s a limited release I believe…they are’t bringing it back permanently as far as I know.

  15. I found some at a local liquor shop… was over $60. I bought it, just because who knows how long it will be there. It is one of my favorites, and the bottle I had is almost gone. I actually did a side by side comparison, and I honestly could not tell the difference. I even thought the new edition might have had a little more flavor and substance, which could be due to my old bottle having mellowed a little in the over half empty bottle. If I could find it for $45, I would buy 2 more. 🙂

    • Dave,

      I found basically the same as you did with your comparison. Also, try Costco where JWG15 is supposed to be around $45. Wine Chateau has JWG15 for $50, but you must live in one of the correct delivery states.

      Slainte. Richard (Who had posted back in late Feb & early March 2015)

  16. I have seen it popping up all over the place. I really couldn’t care less, though, about the change in bottle, label, or stopper.

    The important thing to me is: Is the liquid that’s been showing up on shelves lately the same as the liquid that was on the shelves before it was “discontinued”?

    Does it taste the same?

    • Richard,

      Over the past month, I have done four side-by-side comparative tastings of JWG15 new versus old. Throughout these tastings, I could not determine any difference between the new & old JWG15. Diageo is continuing a good blending job on an excellent Scotch Whisky.

      However, in the sense of duty and desire for scientific discovery, I’ll trooper through & perform a few more tastings in order to confirm. I’ll timely report.

      Richard (Who had posted back in late Feb & early March 2015)

  17. Was pleasantly surprised to find JW Green Label 15yo on the shelf of my local liqour store today in Maryland. Picked up two bottles. The bottles were not packaged in the traditional informative green cardboard box, and that they have replaced the cork with a plastic screw cap. The good news is the whisky tastes the same as I remember. I’m going back tomorrow to pick up a couple more bottles before they disappear.

    • Sonny, Head back & get a few more bottles of JWG15. It’s excellent whisky for the price. I picked up a number from the New Orleans Costco for $44 plus $4 tax. Darn good price ($48).

      Slainte, Richard (Who had posted back in late Feb & early March 2015)

  18. I bought 2 bottles a couple months ago…. i did taste a difference between the old and new. Being that I just opened the new version I attributed some of the difference to it not being exposed like the older bottle. I tried another tasting a few days later and found the taste much improved and couldn’t really tell any noticeable difference.
    I would like to point out that even though the bottle looks new and improved they have moved away from a corked top :(. It is now a “high tech” sealing plastic cap alot better than just a normal twist cap but nothing like good ole cork.

    In my opinion it’s still the best JW out there and you should buy as many as you can before they are all gone again.

    Has anyone found them in a Northern California Costco?

    • Andrew, $45 for JWG15 is an absolutely great price. Buy a whole bunch. At the New Orleans Costco within the past month, I bought 10 bottles (& my friend with the Costco account bought 2 bottles) at $44/bottle. With sales taxes, I got those luscious bottles for about $48 total cost each. Yummy. I got nearly enough JWG15 for the rest of my life. Life is some good. I’m glad that I can afford the investment. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Slainte, Richard

  19. Hi all, thanks for the information!

    I am a South African, traveling in South America. Picked up a 1L JWG15 from a store in Paraguay for US$62 a few weeks back. This is about a third of the price I would pay for it back home. Not sure if it is new stock or old stock, as as all South African suppliers are “out of stock” I’ve been carrying it around the continent in my backpack to take home and grow old with me 🙂

    • Tim, Cork top = old. Tamper-resistant screw top = new. Both are yummy. I’ll bet that your 1L JWG15 is old. Good price, & a yummy why. Slainte, Richard

  20. Well, back when it was originally being “discontinued,” I bought about five liters at $56 each, so, even though I’ve been working my way through these bottles, I have to decide if the new $79 price tag at the local stores is attractive. Of course, when I’ve run out, I’m sure I’ll kick myself. On the other hand, I’ve been stocking up on my favorite, hard-to-find whisky (also a “blended malt”: boy, do I miss the old term!) at significantly more than $79, so what am I complaining about?

  21. If they said they were discontinuing the JWG15 then thats exactly what they should have done and not brought it back. I suspect the new one is not the same recipe or taste as the old one. Also I would imagine that the old JWG15 with the corks will be worth a lot more money in the next 10 or 20 years if you hang on to them. It is much better than a lot of single malt scotches and definitely better than the blue label. My goodness i cant believe anyone would even pay what they are asking for that crap tasting blue lable even black label tastes better than the blue. It seems as though Johnny Walker is making the green label again and are playing games about the distribution, I see plenty of the JWG15 now all over the internet and locally here in Las Vegas so yes they are making it again or maybe they never even stopped production but just here in North America. I really hate those kind of games.

  22. I bought two of these at my local vintage cellars in Sydney last Wednesday down in Sydney Australia.

    They were $69 per bottle. Dan Murphys have them listed as coming soon with a price of $$69.99 to 79.99 depening on your location

    The two I got at vintage cellars are in the new heavier style new bottle, but they are not a twist top and don’t have a tall neck. Both bottles also came in a green informative box have a cork. The neck looks like the original relase whilst the ‘shoulders’ down of the bottle look like the new release in the pics above.

  23. Dan Murphy put them out in Australia as a special yesterday at $69 in all their stores and on-line but they were sold out for the most part within two hours of opening. There are too many “investors” out there that think these are going to fetch the big amounts on E-bay etc that the earlier edition was pulling in. I have my doubts on that one.

  24. It’s on the shelves here in Victoria (Canada) for $61.00, before taxes. Pretty good Whisky !!
    Great to see it back but if, as I read, it’s only here for a limited time, I’ll definately have to stock up !!

  25. For a while, Johnnie Walker Green Label was my favority Whiskey and pretty much the only blended Whiskey I drank. I don’t think this perfectly balanced blend of 15 year-old single malts it’s even remotely comparable with Johnnie Walker Black Label, which I can’t appreciate at all!

    As soon as I heard Johnnie Walker Green Label was discontinued, I bought about a dozen bottles (at the normal retail price) that remained unopened ever since. I haven’t seen them in any retail stores ever since it was discontinued.

    As I live in Belgium and not North-America, I can confirm that Johnnie Walker Green Label has not been rereleased on the European market either.

    While it is true that you can still find bottles for sale on several websites, they tend to be ridiculously overpriced, which suggests that these are bottles that were stockpiled in the past, when Johnnie Walker Green Label was not yet discontinued.

    • The older bottles, given their age would command a higher price as would the rarity. I’ve found that the presentation box is different in Australia (from the previous release) and the label towards the bottom front side of the bottle is much smaller than the original JWG15. Mind you, that hasn’t stopped entrepreneurs from flogging the current release on eBay for well over the odds!

  26. I’ve just purchased 10 bottles of JWG15 in my town and have cleaned out 2 stores in the process. Seems that in Australia we got the boxed version and these have a cork stopper with a metal wrapper. I’ve not tried the previous incarnation, but this has become my favourite scotch over the last few weeks and I’ve enjoyed it more than both the Double Black and Platinum. It seems that this JWG15 is a “limited” drop and all boxes carry an inside date stamp of February or March 2015.

  27. Really glad to see it back as this was one of my favorite blended scotches. Not a big JW fan but the JW15 was an exception for me. Def need to stock up before they run out of stock again

  28. Just found a bottle of Green Label $68 from our Spec`s.
    Love it. A real treat that was totally unexpected. JW bring it back to US. Don’t think it would be a problem keeping it sold

  29. Great news – I just bought a bottle on Cape Cod for $59.00. No gift box, just plain bottle with a label that has been updated just a bit. I haven’t opened it yet to see if it has a cork or is screw top like their blended whiskys. I always enjoyed it very much and find it worth the price I paid. I was in Los Angeles last week and saw it at a liquor store for $80 which prompted me to search the web and found this site. I chose not to ship it because it would have had to go in my regular suitcase due to the limits allowed for liquids on carry on cases. Boy, was I glad I waited with such a big price differential.

  30. Surprised and delighted to find stock in more than one location in Winnipeg the past week as well as Montreal upon returning. I may stock up a bit.

    1/2 a chance I’ll be able to snag a 1L corked bottle in February as well. Fingers x’d…

  31. Just picked up five bottles for aus $70. Bought from beer wine and spirits in dapto australia. Last five bottles as well

    • John, [1] Yes, stock up. For $38 plus tax, easily buy the whole case of 6 and an additional case of 6. That is the best price around and an absolute steal. You are not going to find such prices anywhere else. —– [2] What is the store’s name, & are you anywhere around New Orleans? If yes, I’ll head to that store & stock up more than the stocking up that I have already done. 🙂 Slainte, Richard

      • I’m wondering the same thing — where did you get it? I am apparently behind the times because I am just seeing this blog in November. I would definitely stock up!

  32. John, OK. I’m with Jennifer. Where did you buy JWG15 for a mere $38 per bottle. We want to head there & acquire some of this wonderful whisky for a bit of a better price. Share the largess. Thanks, you are a good guy. 🙂

  33. we’ve had a for a few months in connecticut, supplier has good stock and the lowest legal price here is 43.99 very reasonable and people have been pleased say its close to the same.

  34. Am drinking my first green since it went off the market, found it at the state liquor store today, and it’s just as good as I remember it. And in fact I’m drinking it side by side with blue (!), my wife and I are preferring the green — while the blue may be smoother, the green has more guts, more uumph, more “flavor”; this is exactly how I remember green tasting in the days of yore when I compared it to gold and blue back then (platinum wasn’t available).

  35. Bill, [1] I have to agree with you on the JWG15. It is the best of the JW line, especially, when considering the comparative price. Irrespective of price, it is a great whisky, a great Scotch Whisky, & a great distilled spirit.
    [2] JW Black 12 is great as an every day & as an out on the town dram (it’s everywhere; it’s inexpensive; neat, it’s always a good experience).
    [3] JW Gold Reserve is excellent, surprisingly smoky, better than JWB12, but isn’t worth the premium price when considering that JWB12 & JWG15 are available & at quite better prices.
    Slainte, Richard

  36. JWGL 15 is avaible in mexico at La Europea ! yehaaa! its a little bit expensive than before (near the 1000 pesos mark) but its worth the price.

    La Europea sends this article to all the Mexican Territory.


  37. Got a bottle of green label from my dad for my birthday. Love it. He was somewhere in pa and said there was a whole shelf of them. However the hockey team he was with did purchase most of the remaining stock as its been hard to find in Canada.

    This was my first experience with JW and I was impressed. Can’t wait to try some more.

  38. I’ve just spoken(21 January 2016) to the rep at the Durban South Africa Makro (kinda like Walmart hell it is Walmart they’ve bought it!)
    And he told me that JWG will soon be available is SA.
    It was available at the equivalent of 30 USD before it was discontinued here
    You can still get it at specialty stores like the TOPS in PMB but it’s now the equivalent of 300 USD
    I bought another cause my one was getting lonely so now I have twinsies
    Paul M Hilton SA

  39. Oh and they also have the Gold for about 210USD not that crappy Reserve that should be put in the bargain bin or no better still the bin behind the shop!!
    Use it to thin down your Coke!

  40. This is my favorite JW and one of my favorite scotches. When it disappeared from shelves I was sad and got myself about 4 bottles. A year later it was back. I asked around about what happened and the story JW is handing out is not the real story. JW had shipped most of it’s green stock to China/Asia. Their markets went to crap and JW was not selling. They shipped all the stock back to JW, rebottled for the american market and shipped that stock to the US. That is the story I got. I don’t know if that is true or not, but I got it from a source that travels to Asia on business a lot. I am glad it is back if only for a short time. Several of my local places still have it.

    • Roy,
      “””W had shipped most of it’s green stock to China/Asia. Their markets went to crap and JW was not selling. They shipped all the stock back to JW, rebottled for the american market and shipped that stock to the US.”””
      This sounds quite plausible. Also, because the New JWG15 is re-bottled Old JWG15, this explains why there is no significant difference (at least, through my 4 or so blind JWG New vs. Old tastings) between the New & Old JWG15.
      Thanks, for the info. JWG15 is a great Scotch Whisky & a great world whisky.
      Slainte, Richard (New Orleans)

  41. I’m confused.

    If this is a rebottling of the Asian release, wouldn’t it pretty much be gone by now? Yet people are still finding bottles.

    If this was originally a 10th anniversary event, wouldn’t there have been marketing to that effect? And, again, wouldn’t it be gone by now?

    If they actually have resumed production and rereleased it in the US, wouldn’t they have said so?

    Aren’t the conflicting stories a bit beguiling?

    I think somebody at JW or Diageo isn’t telling the whole truth.

    • Hi Colorado Richard,
      (You know? You have a great first name. 🙂 ) The overarching question regarding the new JWG15 is: Is this new JWG15 bottling completely returned stock from Asia or from somewhere else; is the new JWG15 completely fresh JWG15, or is the new JWG15 some combination of the foregoing. Only Diageo know.
      However, in the spirit (like the magnificent distilled spirit, JWG15 – yummy) of lightheartedness, fun, silliness, & a good time, only Diageo knows what is going on with JWG15. However, here goes some silliness & fun. 🙂
      [1] “If this is a rebottling of the Asian release, wouldn’t it pretty much be gone by now? Yet people are still finding bottles.”
      The new JWG15 might not be gone if there were a whole lot of JWG15 that came back from Asia.
      [2] “If this was originally a 10th anniversary event, wouldn’t there have been marketing to that effect? And, again, wouldn’t it be gone by now?”
      Maybe, this 2015 release was not a 10th anniversary event. Also & again, there may have been a whole crappe load of JWG15 that came back from Asia, & there were so much that Diageo has not run out by now.
      [3] “If they actually have resumed production and re-released it in the US, wouldn’t they have said so?”
      Maybe, yes & maybe, no. Maybe, Diageo wanted to be mysterious.
      [4] “If they actually have resumed production and rereleased it in the US, wouldn’t they have said so?”
      Lol & ROFL. See response to [3]. 🙂
      [5] “Aren’t the conflicting stories a bit beguiling?”
      Yep, the conflicting stories are beguiling & maybe, intriguing & goofy.
      [6] “I think somebody at JW or Diageo isn’t telling the whole truth.”
      Gotta agree. However, some conglomeration of all the stories that actually came from Diageo regarding JWG15 are true, partially true, partially false, &/or misleading, intentionally or not intentionally.
      [7] One thing for sure, it is wonderful that JWG15 is a great world whisky, a great Scotch whisky, a great whisky for the price, & is available for a reasonable price. All of this allows us to stock up with enough of this magnificent elixir so that will will be able to taste it for the rest of our lives & have fun doing it.
      “Life’s been good to me so far.” You know, maybe, Joe Walsh & I can get together and write a song about this good life. Danke & Slainte, Richard from New Orleans 🙂

  42. Just bought a corked bottle from zurich airport. It was advertised as “green label: very limited edition” on the sign. I’m passing back through in a few weeks so ill grab a few more if it’s still there

  43. Still get Johnnie walker green in New Zealand, 700ml boxed, corked.. Got 8 bottles so far , one opened… At $99NZ a bottle, still plenty here shelves getting re stocked every time I go back in store….

  44. I bought one bottle, at Lisbon airport.
    Seems to me it’s new.
    Also, i think one distillery changed.
    Linkwood (the new one)
    Caol Ila

  45. I was able to purchase a bottle in Zurich Airport. I wanted more, but I was limited to one bottle. The duty free employee told me I could take another, but will risk it being confiscated. However, I was able to obtain another bottle at the Newark International Airport duty free shop on my way to my next international destination. Stocks are running low. Get them while you can.

  46. I was on vacation In St.kitts and Nevis last week and purchased a 1L bottle of the new bottled version Johnnie walker green for $58 usd from a duty free shop .It is definitely a different specimen from the old, I not getting half as much smokiness and a lot more sweetness from this version.

  47. Just purchased a bottle of JWG today for my 60th birthday, at a package store in a suburb of Omaha Nebraska (USA). I think they had one left in the store…may have to return tomorrow to get it ;>)

  48. I just bought a bottle of JW Green (one of the limited NA editions) and it had a twist off cap (no cork). In addition, it is DEFINITELY not the same blend. Close… but tasted ‘cheaper’. Less smoke, a bit more harsh. Definitely something I will NOT buy again. They’re ruined it.

  49. “”” it is DEFINITELY not the same blend. Close… but tasted ‘cheaper’. Less smoke, a bit more harsh.”””
    This has not been my experience. I have done about a half dozen blind tastings, side-by-side, new versus old JWG15. Maybe, I am not perceptive enough. However, I have been able to find no significant difference between new & old JWG15.
    “””They’re ruined it.”””
    This has not been my experience. New & old JWG15 seem to be the same. However, everyone can politely have their opinion in a forum such has this.
    Richard (New Orleans)

  50. I just bought 2 bottles of JW Green online at for € 37.50. I am curious for the taste. I wil report

  51. Didn’t know it was Rare saw it at my local first choice at Cleveland …. Thought I’d give it a try !

      • Jacqueline, I guess that I can be called a Johnnie Walker “Black Devotee”. I had never thought of myself as a devotee of that wonder world whisky.
        I find JWG15 to be smoother, deeper, bigger, & more well rounded in flavor than my beloved JWB12. Definitely give JWG15 some time to grow on you. You will be amply rewarded. JWG15 is among the best world whiskys & the best Scotch whiskys for its price and irrespective of price.
        Slainte, Richard

  52. I think that after the asian stocks were brought back, JW realized how desirable Green is to consumers and probably decided to continue production of it. I cannot imagine that the china bound reserves lasted much beyond early 2016. The green sent back from china had to be hastily rebottled into screw tops, lol. Some have mentioned that the newest bottles have corks. Also, at the end of 2015 I went on the JW web site and there was no Green listed anywhere. If you go on their site now, green is listed.

  53. I just found about 10 bottles in Logan Square in Chicago. This is my first time trying Green and it is THE BEST in my opinion. I have now had them all and Green is just so smooth. Im in love. Going back for the other bottles tomorrow. They are $50 ea here. I will sell for $55 you pay the shipping. Message me.

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