Johnnie Walker Gold Label Discontinued Too

Credit: crazyoctopus

Credit: crazyoctopus

Johnnie Walker Green Label was not the only execution in the JW lineup.

Apparently, and I’m admittedly a little slow to the news, Gold Label has been discontinued as well.

From a Johnnie Walker representative:

Unfortunately, Johnnie Walker Gold Label is no longer in production. However, we recommend Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve as an alternative whisky. As they are from the same family, they both carry a distinctively honeyed aroma from the single malt distillery, Clynelish.

Because Clynelish is one of the Master Blenders’ favorite distilleries, he has chosen to highlight this distillery character even more in Gold Label Reserve. Gold Label Reserve has a full, rounded taste, its’ sweet vanilla tones balanced with a fruity aroma, with hints of cedar and smoke. The whisky gives a smooth, warm and creamy lingering finish.

We apologize for any displeasure the decision to discontinue Johnnie Walker Gold Label may cause you, and sincerely hope that you will find Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve to be a suitable alternative.

There is, however, something to replace Gold Label – it’s called Gold Label Reserve. You see, Gold Label carried with it the 18 year old age statement. Gold Label Reserve drops the age statement but not the price. Removing the age statement gives Johnnie Walker some flexibility in blending, so it’s not a surprise (plus the industry is moving towards dropping age statements as a general trend).

If you’re a fan of Gold Label and want to know how Gold Label Reserve compares, here’s a good side by side review of the two by Drink Spirits.

And for what it’s worth, Johnnie Walker released a Platinum Label in 2013 that carries the 18 year age statement.

4 thoughts on “Johnnie Walker Gold Label Discontinued Too

  1. The only reason they removed the age of the spirit is because it’s scarcity as well as stricter laws surrounding it’s labelling requirements whereby a spirit needs to contain a certain amount of the aged liquor for it to be labelled that age. That’s why Cognacs XOs don’t have any age labelled on it.

  2. No..the Golf Lanelr Reserve or anything else is not as good as Johnnue Waker Gold. I miss it. Bring it back. There is no replave.en

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