Jura Prophecy Tasting Notes

I went from having never heard of Jura a few years ago to having tried several and enjoying them all. My first ever was a Jura 18 that I purchased in Heathrow Duty Free, my second was the Jura 18 followed by the Jura Superstition. I’m now able to add Jura Prophecy to the lineup.

Jura is very much a spiritual and superstitious distillery with much of their work referring to their storied past. Whether or not you buy into the little bit of fun marketing is irrelevant, they make a decent Scotch.

The Prophecy is a blend of their own whiskies and has a distinct medicinal, smokiness that pushes that side of the spectrum. It’s not as strong as a Islay but certainly makes you lean in that direction (it could not be confused for a Speyside, that’s for sure). The nose hints at what your palate will soon experience. The color is light copper, with more orange than yellow, and the finish is long and strong. It leaves your mouth feeling like you just walked into a smoky bar, a bit of that peat smoke but not so much it leaves you dry.

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