Own A Piece of Scotland – Laphroaig

Did you know that when you buy a bottle of Laphroaig, you’re actually buying a lease on a square foot of Islay? Yep! It says so on a tag attached to the bottle. When you buy a bottle you become a “Friend of Laphroaig.”

As a “Friend” you will be given a numbered plot (one square foot) of our land that runs alongside our all important water suppply – the Kilbride stream. If you visit us you can view your plot and of course claim your ground rent of a dram of our finest – though you will probably need to take a few precautions, as you will see later! Today the heart of our community is on the web. There are now over 250,000 Friends from over 150 countries!

To claim the plot, just go to www.laphroaig.com/plot and set yourself up.

My plot is #373951, let me know if you’re nearby!

42 thoughts on “Own A Piece of Scotland – Laphroaig

  1. I finally tried Laphroaig a weekend or so ago. A friend of mine (PhilosYphia dude, actually) brought over his 15 year Laphroaig and we traded over the evening, between his and my Balvenie DoubleWood.

    We came to the remarkable conclusion that the Laphroaig smells exactly like “magic smoke” – the noxious burning smell you get when electrical components fry (we’re both computer geeks, we know this stench well). This worried us.

    Thankfully it doesn’t taste nearly as gnarly as it smells and was quite pleasant – but I was worried there, for a bit. Being a newbie at this, I wonder how many others are quite so ‘peaty’ like this?

    • Hahah magic smoke, I know exactly what you mean (my background is in software engineering). If you associate the peatiness with the smoke and then associate the peatiness to the utter horror of frying your chip (or anything else on the board) then I can imagine it being an unpleasant experience. Islays are all smoky and peaty in this way though Laphroaig and Lagavulin are probably the most famous of the Islays. It was probably a huge departure from your Balvenie right? That’s a Speyside so it’s got more of the floral and fruity flavors that would get dominated by the heavy peat-factor of Islays. I’m a huge fan of Balvenie, specifically the DoubleWood, because that sherry imparts a nice bonus; and Glenlivet, another Speyside.

      I’m a newbie too and while I try not to categorize based on region too much, in this case it’s unavoidable.

    • I had some someone brought into work recently and I thought it smelled like bandaids. I’ve had plenty of whiskey and never smelled anything quite like it. 😐

  2. We love the WATER OF LIFE for more then 20 years,glad to own more,then just ten w a t e r coming from bonnie Scotland! Ulrich and christel in Canada

  3. Yesterday my family who live interstate gave me a bottle of your 10 year old as a present instead of travelling long distances to my brothers funeral and on arriving back home my husband and I decided that it was a good time to try it out and to our surprise it tasted very different to any other whiskey, however, we savoured the taste and decided that it was quite nice and would be drank sparingly as we wanted it to last longer than the normal whisky that we drink. Congratulations on a nice brew.

  4. My grandad who has now passed away got me into drinking laphroaig whiskey he used to read alot of books with sean dillon in them he used to drink it,i think it is a real lovely drink and it reminds me of my grandad ,cheers

  5. i was very fond of malt whisky but every time i was missing something in a sip,but after having sip of laphroaig i really knew what was i missing.
    my number is DQQ8RV

  6. I was, and still am I suppose, a Highland Park drinker but since being introduced to Laphroaig I find I’m more and more drawn to it because of it’s lasting taste and it’s pleasant ‘bite’. A wonderful drop.

    My Registration Number is: HNAJ67

  7. Hello, I was born in Govan, moved to Canada with my family when I was seven years old. As I grew older my father gave me the appreciation for good Scotch whisky. Over the years I have tried over forty different single malt whiskies. Laphroaig is the one that tells me this is the way good Scotch whisky should be. Keep up the good work. Bob Macleod


  9. i normally drink clan mcgregor, because of all the scotch i’ve drank, i like the taste, until i read a book and the charcters were drinking laphroaig,s and iwas at the liquor store and saw it on sale. good things just happen to me.10 year old cask strength for life for me! still hope to visit my ancestors one and i’ll check out the plot i’m claiming.

  10. when i buy malt whiskey its always 10year old laphroig.it tastes like no other.my unique number is ynxp85.i live in scunthorpe n.lincolnshire.

  11. I bought a quarter cask and two 190 years. The word is ‘heavenly’.
    My unique numbers are ktvbk9, khd5f5 and gp87op. Have fun.

  12. My favourite whiskies are Laphroaig; Lagavulin; and Caol Ila (in that order), although I can also be tempted by the (4?) other Islay malts, and I like a 50:50 malt:water mix, which I achieve either by eye or with a small measure – whatever is to hand – a shot glass, for instance.

    I’m not really a fan of other Scotches, although I admit that once I tasted the peaty/smoky Laphroaig I didn’t look much further!


    Joe Crow, Ireland…which has a few decent whiskies of its own!

    • Hi! I’m from Hungary.
      My favourite is Lagavulin (the older the better), Laphroig and Caol Ila too.
      But to mix them with water ??? I’ts a sin!. Never! Happy new year!

  13. Your Whiskey is without doubt is the nectar of the gods. I have only ONE complaint, and that is that I have not registered or claimed my ‘plot’ sooner. If I had done so sooner, You would be paying me rent by now! We run a little tourist place at Wadrift, and the only whiskey we serve here is your wonderful brew. The converts we have made in the last 18 years would fill Wembly Stadium, I can ashore you!

  14. I have been thinking about making you an offer – – – and you must seriously consider it! As you are so kind as to give me a square foot for enjoying a bottle of your incomparable brew, I will reciprocate by allowing you a square meter for every discounted bottle that you supply to our little Pub! now,how’s that for a bargain? I must explain something to you – – – MY GRAND MOTHER WAS A SCOT.
    (enough said?)

  15. Sirs:
    My unique number is 543FDC. I look forward to visiting soon; today I picked up my Turkmenistan Airlines ticket to London for the 10th of March. Please advise ASAP whether or not I am welcome to visit my Isle of Islay plot of land.
    Cheers, see you soon,
    W.Jon Lambden, Ed.D

  16. Sirs,
    I have just sampled my Laphroaig Islay Single Whisky,which was a present from my son, for my Birthday today, and it is blissful!
    I look forward to visiting my plot sometime in the near future.
    John A Eastley

  17. Got my first bottle last year for a christmas present and I love the peaty taste – got myself another for this xmas – just roll it around the mouth before it goes down soooo well!
    Cheers Ian

  18. I received a bottle from a bottle of 10 year old from a a good friend who came to visit me from Teledo Ohio. He and his lady were only here overnight.. But I was treated to a bottle which I opened immediately. I very unique taste. I was pleasantly surprised. Nice to have such a good friend.

  19. My son in law bought me a bottle for Christmas, and I must say it is certainly a very strong challenge to our vintage rum, Cheers, Rod Crouch, Barbados. My unique number is 2YTTBF

  20. Some time ago (more years than I care to remember) I became a friend and for a number of years I received letters recording whatever had been happening on Isla.
    For whatever reason these letters stopped arriving so I would like to either renew my membership or re-join.
    If I need to renew my unique number would be RCK38P – I have lost the record of my original number.


    Jim Troman

  21. You can taste the salt air, the musky peat, the curling smoke and the rain soaked air in each drop of Laphroig, quite amazing! With each dram I’m transported away to another time and place, an ancient time and a misty place.

  22. I have my plot of land but cannot find how to redeem with my other numbers which are B4YSR7 & VBBHW2. I have been into Laphroaig.com/redeem but you do not have anything about redeeming

  23. How do I find out the cost of a plot? Can’t seem to locaye this info on website. Wanted to give as a gift.
    Thanks .

  24. I had this Heaven a few years back and it still haunts me…the finest, to be savored and I guess I am making a trip to the store…it has been to long. My plot number is tucked away in a drawer somewhere, but I think I shall get a new one!

  25. I am from South Africa and your whisky was a present from a relative in the UK. It is an acquired taste and I shall enjoy it sparingly on special occasions with a friend who is a whisky lover. My reference number is RZ427T

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