Pairing Highland Park 25 Scotch with Ice Cream

Highland Park 25I’ve heard of pairing scotch with dark chocolate but until Highland Park sent me an email about pairing their Highland Park 25 with vanilla ice cream, I’d never heard of pairing the two together.

As an aside, pairing chocolate with scotch is fantastic. If you haven’t tried it I really recommend it but you probably don’t need me to prod you. It’s like scallops wrapped in bacon (or anything wrapped in bacon), you take two incredible things and put them together and you’re liable to make something absolutely addicting.

When I first read the email I thought maybe they were recommending a recipe where you cook the Highland Park and make some sort of syrup, as they were doing with Macallan Amber. Honestly, that would’ve been a travesty… to cook with a 25 year old scotch would be absurd. Fortunately, upon further review, they were simply tapping into our natural indulgences and recommending that we simply pair the two.

Given the 25 year old’s tasting notes, it’s not surprising that it would pair will with a bowl of ice cream!

Highland Park 25 Tasting Notes

Color: Natural color; dark red golden, clear and bright
Nose: Very rich, mature oak; chocolate; fudge
Palate: Full, rich burst of flavor; soft honey; nutty toffee
Finish: Rich, long and surprisingly sweet for its age

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