Protip: Don’t Wash Scotch Glasses with Soap

How do you wash your scotch glasses? If you were like me several years ago, you washed them like any other delicate glassware. I put in a small drop of soap, scrubbed a little with a brush or sponge, rinsed a few times with hot water, and left it on the drying rack to air dry.

Fast forward a few years and I do everything except use soap and scrub with a brush, I just rub my fingers in it. I also usually wash it as soon as possible after using it, before the faint residue of scotch has dried at the bottom of the glass. For those cases where I don’t wash it immediately, using hot water flushes the residue out pretty easily.

Why did I skip using soap? When you use soap, there’s a small chance you leave some soap residue behind. When you do, that soap can change how you enjoy scotch because it can bind to the aromas and throw things off. The chance is small but when you figure that soap is unnecessary, it becomes a no brainer.

I haven’t used soap to wash a scotch glass (or a wine glass) in years and have suffered no ill effects.

One thought on “Protip: Don’t Wash Scotch Glasses with Soap

  1. I always thought I might be crazy and not hygienic by doing the same thing as you. I always have been paranoid of soap residue, and so eliminated the possibility by using very hot water.

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