Dewars X FSC Travel Bag

How cool does that travel bag look? It’s a real travel bag whose design is based on a vintage utility roll used by Tommy Dewar to carry whisky around the world.

Here’s how they describe it:

When Dewar’s approached us a few months ago to work on a special project for Holiday 2012, we were thrilled. The result is a limited-edition Travel Roll designed by FSC as a modern take on the vintage utility roll used by Tommy Dewar to carry his father’s whisky around the world.

Constructed out of water repellent 18 oz. waxed canvas and trimmed with leather straps hand-cut from English bridle leather from J&E Sedgewick & Co., the bag unrolls to become a multifunctional utility roll that can also serve as a dopp kit, a tool kit, or a knife roll for the accomplished chef. Lined in Dewar’s signature Highlander Tartan fabric and accompanied by a custom Dewar’s flask, custom monogramming is available for an additional $15.

This is a really cool looking travel bag and it comes at a hefty $150 price tag. Great gift but sadly the bottle of Dewars is not included.