Clutch Visits Oban Distillery: Gateway to the Western Isles

Picturesq Village of Oban
Clutch, of Dubber & Clutch, a scotch blog penned by a New Zealander (of Scottish descent) and a Scotsman (also of Scottish descent) who enjoy whisky and are keen that you do too; recently had an opportunity to visit Oban and shared their experience.

Over the course of the following hour and a half I was treated to my own private lesson in the art of distilling, from a man who could have easily been reading from a chemistry degree textbook, but who was as gracious with his explanations to the scientific layman that sat in front of him (myself) as he was with his generosity when it came to sending me on my way with a very special parting gift …

It’s a great story about the hospitality of Oban and their distillery manager, Kenny Gray, do check it out if you have a few spare moments.