The Glenlivet Alpha Tasting Notes

IMG_4211What if I told you that a whisky distillery was going to market a bottle of scotch without showing you what it looked like, without offering up any tasting notes, and going so far as to “black out” the bottle so you didn’t know what you were getting? You’d probably call them a little crazy right? Now let’s say that they put no age statement on it, limited it to 3,500 bottles, and put it up for sale for $150. You’d probably have them committed.

Well, that’s what the fine folks at The Glenlivet did with The Glenlivet Alpha.

I was sent a small sampling of Glenlivet Alpha, in this nice little blacked out bottle, and I was surprised how much I liked the bottle. It’s really not that much different than when many famed Islays put their scotch in dark green bottles, hiding their pale yellow spirit, but there’s just something really sexy about this matte black bottle. (And if you think about it, Glenlivet comes in green bottles too)
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