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Suntory Whisky Toki – Tasting Notes

Suntory Whisky is a distillery that’s been in business since 1899 and most whisky fans have known about them, seeing as they’re one of the only Japanese whisky brands available in the United States (I’m not aware of any others … Continue reading

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Suntory Celebrates 90th Anniversary

We all know that scotch is whisky made in Scotland but one of the most celebrated whisky distillers outside of Scotland has always been Suntory. If you are a friend of scotch, chances are you’ve heard of Suntory as well … Continue reading

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Upcoming Scotch Whisky Night (March 2011)

Tonight, my friends and I are going to have one of our much anticipated “scotch nights,” where we each bring a bottle to share with the group. I’ve long had my eye on the Suntory Yamazaki (by the way, best … Continue reading

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Japanese Whisky

Much like how Champagne is sparkling white wine from Champagne, France, scotch is whisky produced in Scotland. When it’s produced anywhere else, it’s known as whisky (or whiskey in the United States). Since whisky is distilled fermented mash (like beer) … Continue reading

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