Ernest Shackleton’s South Pole Expedition Whisky

The scotch world has been abuzz all this month over the discovery of three crates of Scotch whisky (and two crates of brandy) underneath a hut of Ernest Shackleton in Antarctica. The amazing part about this whole story, I mean besides the fact that Shackleton’s expedition was in 1909 and besides the fact that they only expected to find two crates of whisky, is that while ice has cracked some of the crates, discoverers said they could hear the swishing of liquid inside. There is, in all likelihood, at least some of the whisky and brandy still left.

Richard Paterson, whose blog I read regularly (though recently it’s been a bunch of Twitter update posts), said that they could replicate that blend if they could analyze the bottles.

Here’s a video about the conservation efforts surrounding the huts themselves:

Very cool stuff. Paterson has said that the style of the day, for the “Rare and Old” whisky, was for it to be heavy and peaty. If they’re able to replicate it to their satisfaction, I’d love to give it a try. There’s something very fun and magical about going back through time like this, especially knowing that, at the moment, it cannot be accurately replicated!

Video: Tasting of a $176,000/Bottle Scotch

Linsey at Lush Life tries a taste from an expensive bottle of The Dalmore, which costs a staggering $176,000 a bottle, though it’s unclear what the exact name is (not that it is that important, wasn’t like I was going to buy some!).

Check it out, quite entertaining:

Lindsey tastes The Dalmore from Lush Life on Vimeo.

The man doing most of the talking is none other than the famed Richard Paterson, Master Blender at Whyte & Mackay.