Templeton Rye Settlement

 Credit: Ben Husmann

Credit: Ben Husmann

Are you a fan of Templeton Rye?

Did you know it’s not distilled in Templeton, Iowa?

If you’re wondering why this is a big deal, you have to consider the backstory (and marketing) to Templeton Rye.

Back during the Prohibition Era, farmers in Carroll County, Iowa would make rye whiskey to make some extra money. It was very high quality and thus popular in the speakeasies of major nearby cities like Chicago, Omaha, and Kansas City.

Templeton Rye made the claim that it is based on a “Prohibition Era Recipe.” Specifically, it’s supposed to follow the family recipe of co-founder Keith Kerkhoff.

One problem… it doesn’t.

In fact, it’s a stock rye recipe and it’s not even distilled in Iowa! (it’s distilled in a factory distillery in Indiana, transported to Templeton, IA where it’s blended – source).

Well, that upset a few folks and they sued. I’d be upset too if I thought I was getting an old family recipe and was actually just getting a fancy (inaccurate) label.

Templeton settled and will remove the words “Small Batch” and “Prohibition Era Recipe” from the label and include “Distilled in Indiana.”

They will also provide a partial refund.

If you purchased any Templeton Rye since 2006, you can get a refund of $3 per bottle up to six bottles if you don’t have proof of purchase. If you do, you can get $6 per bottle, up to six.

A judge granted preliminary approval on July 21st, 2015 and to file your claim online, visit the settlement website.

You must file your claim before November 18th, 2015 to be included.

One thought on “Templeton Rye Settlement

  1. I think this may just be the start. Seems like quite a few bourbons and ryes are made in Indiana and then blended/bottled else where. I think I will stick with the stuff I know is made by the distilleries ie Jim Beam, Jack Daniels, Wild Turkey etc. So many to choose from that are legitimate.

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