The Glenlivet Cellar Collection 1964 – $2000

$2000 A Bottle!

$2000 A Bottle!

I just received an email from The Glenlivet Society about their newly released 1964 Cellar Collection, which will number fewer than three hundred bottles and priced at $2,000 a piece. While it pales in comparison to The Macallan Fine & Rare Collection, 1939 40-year, which was the world’s most expensive whisky at $10,125 a bottle… the $2,000 Glenlivet 1964 certainly is pricey!

The Glenlivet Cellar Collection is separate from their “Core Range” of the 12 Year, 15 Year French Oak, Nadurra 16, 18 Year, Archive 21, and XXV; and includes the 1959 Cask Strength, 1964 Cask Strength, 1967, French Oak Finish, American Oak Finish, and 1972 Cask Strength. It is the 1964 Cask Strength that gets the go ahead this year.

Is it worth it? The Glenlivet thinks so… here’s why:

BOTTLED at cask strength with no chill-filtration, the character of this spirit is uncompromised.

AGED for 40 years, each of the 14 casks in this batch was hand-selected by The Glenlivet’s legendary Master Distiller Emeritus Jim Cryle.

FEWER THAN 300 of these individually-numbered bottles remain in the United States.

AWARDED the Gold Medal in The International Spirits Challenge, the 1964 vintage makes an outstanding addition to every serious whisky collector’s cabinet.

So, who is going to get one of the three hundred bottles and when are you inviting me over? 🙂

23 thoughts on “The Glenlivet Cellar Collection 1964 – $2000

  1. I would definitely go in with someone on purchasing a bottle of this fine spirit…I drink Glenlivet 18 y.o scotch all the time and would like to taste the finer aged selections. I am going to Afghanistan for my second time and when I come back would love to taste some of this fine scotch upon my return…if I could get a few people to go in with me Im thinking the experience could be memorable…sincerely TSgt Patrick Hyde

  2. i have a 1972 cellar collection bottled on 24/08/05, strength 52.3%vol, need to get rid of, i do not drink whiskey. any questions call 956-240-3035

  3. Hi,
    I have a bottle of Glenlivet cellar collection 1967 bottled in 2000 that I found in the back of my fathers cupboard,looking for a price to sell it,would anyone be interested.

    Regards Pat

  4. i have a botle of 1959 glenlivet cellar collection one of 400 botled on the 2001
    i need to now what is the price for it because i whant to sell it for the best price posible

  5. I see all of your posts selling. I will not go back and forth. Send me your lowest price for what you have. If it is within reason I will reply. Thank you.

  6. Hello,

    I have received the Glenlivet 1964 cellar collection 2nd release (2004) as a gift and would like to know for how many years it is worth keeping it unopened. Would this lead to an improvement of taste and/or an increase in value?

    Your advice is much appreciated.

    Thank you,


    • Hi Ivan – there will be no improvement in taste and the value could increase or decrease based on demand for it. My feeling is that it will increase since they’re not making any more of it but how much that’ll increase is really up in the air.

  7. I purchased this bottle from a dealer the year it came out and am confused about the authors comment that 300 bottles were the release size. My bottles box says it is bottle 303 out of a total of 1824 bottles produced? Having said that, it is really tempting to either open it or sell it given all that I have learned about this collectible.

  8. Love the blog Jim! I have a Glenlivet cellar collection 1967 I’m interested in selling. Could you recommend a dealer or the best way of going about selling it please.
    Thank you

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