Special & Unique Scotch Whisky Glasses

When you walk into a bar and order a whisky, chances are you’ll get a tumbler or Old Fashioned glass. Visit a friend who is a fan of whisky and you might see a Glencairn or, depending on how much he or she likes to spend on glassware, perhaps a Riedel.

While these are all perfectly fine glasses for drinking whisky, and each has their own character, they’re still pretty common. Your average spirit aficionado will have one of these types of glasses already. Personally, I have all three (and they’re great).

What I don’t have, is an whisky glass etched with the continent of the globe. Or one with a silver rim like the ones in Mad Men.

I present to you, four special and unique whisky glasses that I guarantee you probably don’t have but probably want. 🙂

Etched Globe Whiskey Glasses

etched-globe-scotch-glassIt looks exactly as you expect it to look – a glass that has the continents of the world etched on its sides. The etched area has a frosted glass look and the capacity of each glass is 12 ounces, which is more than enough to fit a dram of your favorite whisky. You can get a set that includes an etched globe decanter, with a distinct apothecary feel to it, though I recommend going directly to the Wine Enthusiast site for the set (it’s cheaper than Amazon).

Mad Men Silver Rimmed Glasses

mad-men-whisky-glassAnother fun Wine Enthusiast glass is what they call the Madison Avenue Whiskey glass, which has a 1960s chic look with silver rim and “vintage” design. I don’t personally like this style of glassware but if your whisky cabinet or bar has a vintage feel, why not accentuate it with glassware to match?

This is also available with personalization if you buy it from Wine Enthusiast directly

Double Wall Manhattan Style Old Fashioned

sun-tea-double-wall-manhattanIf you like ice in your whisky, or just whisky stones, then a double wall whisky glass might be something that looks great and is functional. The double wall keeps your drink cooler longer because your hand doesn’t transfer heat as easily to the whisky. I’ve never seen a double wall whisky glass before.

Rocking Whiskey Glasses

rocking-whisky-glassTake a regular whisky glass, then put a little knob at the bottom – what do you get? A rocking whisky glass. Sagaform, and others, make glassware that you can rock back and forth, thus allowing you to swirl the whisky, without fearing it’ll fall over. It’s a fun little design that strikes me as gimmicky but still fun.

Personally, I like one of the traditional whisky glasses but if you’re looking for a gift, sometimes it’s fun to go off the beaten path and pick up some glasses you know your gift recipient probably doesn’t have.

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