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  1. I saw you had an article about changes to virginia law regarding shipping liquor… I’ve recently discovered scotch, but it costs an arm, leg, and testicle here, and the selection is limited. Do you know of any online retailers that ship to virginia? Thanks.

  2. Hi Jim,
    I found your site while researching French Oak vs American Oak for a cask I am about to purchase with a few folk. My friends and I (there are 3 of us) currently run an independent whisky reviews site and I thought I’d mention this to you since you enjoy whisky so much. Our site is called – feel free to let us know what you think. You can contact me on the email I provided. I did try and email you direct but for some reason it just hung on send.


  3. Hi, im only just starting to broaden my choice of whisky’s, i have recently purchased a bottle of JW black label and was wondering if you could suggest any more to give me a wide variety of flavours. Also what your prefference is for drinking said whiskys.

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