Glenfiddich 50 Year Sells for $27,000

Everyone loves a good Scotch sale right? So it’s not surprising that the latest bottle of Glenfiddich 50 Year being sold to a Oregon man has gotten a lot of press. If you haven’t been keeping up on your 50 year bottles of scotch, this particular bottle comes in a hand blown bottle with a sterling silver collar engraved with the picture of Queen Elizabeth II. 450 bottles were made and they will be released in groups of 50 from 2009 to 2017, this year’s release commemorates the Diamond Jubilee and only six made it to the United States.

So who bought it? Lyle Schellenberg, a retired businessman, shelled out $27,000 for the bottle and he plans on drinking it. He’s been a Glenfiddich aficionado for decades, as many of us are (maybe not for decades!), and he’s not a collector. It’s always nice to see a pricey bottle like this going towards someone who will enjoy it, rather than shelve it as an investment.

$27,000 isn’t a bad price for a 50 year old scotch, right? 🙂

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