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Jim is the founder of Scotch Addict and one of the many fans of whisky in all its forms. Connect with me on Google+.

Does the Glass Matter in Whisky?

The glass you use matters but I don’t let it define my whisky experience. I’m a relative novice when it comes to enjoying whisky. I very much enjoy the flavors but I don’t sit there savoring every last drop every … Continue reading

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Hot Toddy Cold Remedy Recipe

Colds suck. Whiskey does not. So when I learned that a “hot toddy” might be the cure for the common cold… well OF COURSE I had to test it out. (yes yes, we realize this won’t cure anything… but it … Continue reading

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My Thoughts on Accelerated/Speed Whiskey Aging

When I moved into my first apartment, I bought most of my furniture from a nearby IKEA. IKEA makes great furniture as long as you never have to move it! My general rule is that if the furniture as moving … Continue reading

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Magnum Cream Liqueur Review

It’s been a very mild winter here in Maryland this year and it’s a shame because one of my favorite adult beverages after a morning of shoveling snow is some Baileys Irish Cream in my coffee. It’s a good combination … Continue reading

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Do You Keep Whisky Boxes and Tubes?

An interesting question came up in the Facebook group today — the gist of is, why do you keep whisky boxes and tubes? Personally, I keep some of them. I put most of my whisky in a cabinet — a … Continue reading

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