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How to “Refine” Your Palate

Ever read tasting notes and think: “I am not getting any of those flavors…” ? Here are Glenlivet 12 Tasting Notes from Master of Malt: Nose: Sweet creamy vanilla, honey, pineapple, vanilla, pressed apples and a little cinnamon. Palate: Apple … Continue reading

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Why I Enjoy My Whisky Neat

When I first started drinking whisky, I’d pour it into a glass with some ice. (for those who gasped, it wasn’t scotch at least!) I’d always seen it enjoyed that way in the movies so that’s how I did it. … Continue reading

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Picking Your (Friend’s) First Bottle of Scotch

Whenever a friend who doesn’t drink a lot of Scotch finds out I have a blog about Scotch, they want me to help them get into it. I’m all for being an ambassador! But rather than repeat myself over and … Continue reading

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Glenlivet’s Tasting Room “Torture Chamber”

I just read Alyssa Bereznak’s description of how she was introduced to Glenlivet Alpha by way of a sensory deprivation chamber and a process that I thought would be fun. She described it as a torture chamber! We were ordered … Continue reading

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Classic Malt’s Flavour Map

One of the reasons why I enjoy scotch so much has to do with the complex flavor profiles. It always amazes me how many subtleties there are in the spirit when you consider the main components are the same. When … Continue reading

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