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Does the bottling or distillation year matter for Scotch or other whiskies?

Not really and definitely not in the same way as it does for wine. When it comes to wine, the year to year seasonal variability in the grape crop can have a big impact on the final product. Different wine … Continue reading

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Why does Jack Daniel’s call itself “sour mash” whiskey?

Ever wonder why Jack Daniel’s calls itself “sour mash” whiskey? Ever since doing shot after shot after shot of Jack in college, I’ve always wondered what “sour mash” meant. It sure didn’t taste sour. Now that it’s been years and … Continue reading

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What is a Mystery Malt?

Many years ago, I was in a Costco in Delaware when I discovered that Kirkland had a branded bottle of single malt from Macallan. Back then, I knew far less about scotch compared to today. I knew the name – … Continue reading

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What is chill filtering and why do they chill filter whisky?

Chill filtering is the practice of cooling the whisky all the way down to 0°C, or lower for blended whisky, so you can filter out potential sediments (fatty acids, proteins and esters) created in the distillation process or passed along … Continue reading

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What is a Replica Scotch?

A replica Scotch is one that was created to recreate the experience of a famous bottle. Do you remember a few years back when they discovered three crates of Scotch whisky underneath the Ernest Shackleton hut in Antactica? Ernest Shackleton … Continue reading

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