Magnum Cream Liqueur Review

It’s been a very mild winter here in Maryland this year and it’s a shame because one of my favorite adult beverages after a morning of shoveling snow is some Baileys Irish Cream in my coffee.

It’s a good combination because my wife’s favorite beverage is some Baileys Irish Cream in a glass with a couple of small ice cubes!

One of the things we’ve learned is that not all cream liqueurs are the same. We were at a store that didn’t have Baileys so we picked up a random irish cream liqueur and it tasted terrible. Whatever whisky that brand used was so harsh it wasn’t balanced by the cream.

So when I heard that there was a cream liqueur made not from Irish whiskey but from Scotch – boy did I perk up!

It’s called Magnum Cream Liqueur and it’s Dutch cream with whiskey from BenRiach, a Speyside distillery owned by Brown-Forman. Much like its more famous cream cousin, it’s 17% alcohol by volume.

I’m not going to give it the treatment I typically do for a whisky tasting note but I am going to say that when I enjoyed it with ice, it tasted decadent in its caramel and chocolatey richness. It was fruitier than Baileys, when I tried them side by side, and I felt like the whisky part shined brighter than in Baileys.

I also have to mention the bottle – it’s stainless steel, has these slick handles, and chills very very quickly. It’s also shaped as to not take up a massive amount of refrigerator space since it’s a cylindrical and not your typical fat bottom bottle.

Here’s a quick video about it:

If you’re a fan of cream liqueur, give it a look.

18 thoughts on “Magnum Cream Liqueur Review

  1. The bottle is shaped like a milk can! Not used for shipping or storing milk in the US anymore but in places with subsistence farming and/or less developed agriculture infrastructure they are still used. An excellent design choice!

    See image here:×500.jpg

    Historic photo:

    Milk can in modern use in Sri Lanka:

  2. If some nice person (I know few nice people who give me free drinks) would give me a taste…sure, I’d try it……….JIM????
    Would I buy it…NO.
    When I drink whisk(e)y….I don’t clown around. 😀

  3. A product called SYLKE was available for a while—-with Drambuie as a base—–
    simply delicious—but can no longer find it. If anyone can find it——–I would appreciate getting some.

    Herm Steinman [email protected]

    • I used to love adding Drambuie Sylk Whisky Cream Liqueur to my Sunday morning coffee. It was never easy to find in the States, and when it disappeared I wrote to Drambuie to ask about its availability. They said that it had a large and loyal following, but not enough to keep it profitable. It was available in the US from around 2003 until 2012 or so. Can’t wait to try Magnum and see if it fills the void.
      In the meantime, I’ve been using TRI’IBE. Not as rich as Bailey’s, but not as available either.

  4. A product called SYLKE –came out a few years back—had a Drambuie base.
    Very special—but can no longer find it.
    For my chops it tops all the other ‘cream’ creatures.

    If it is still around–would like to hear of it.

  5. At Christmas we make our own cream liqueur and this year I had already been into the sauce a bit so I went over the top and grabbed a 20 year old, cask strength Glendronach (cask 1503) for the whisky.
    Now that was amazing liqueur!! It had a defined whisky bite to it but when that bite is a near perfect sherrie’d whisky how can you go wrong?

    Maybe Brown Foreman is on to something?

  6. I don’t mind irish cream liquorevery once in a while for a change of pace really don’t
    drink in the morning. after noon drink shot is ok . must be Baileys only.

  7. I think I will have to try it. The wife really enjoys Baileys, maybe this could be a new substitute? Once in a while it is nice to have something completely different.

  8. Have not ran across it yet, I’ll pick it up at first sight. Like you mentioned, some of the Irish creme products are a bit rich, and like Bob E says, when I drink whisky, I don’t mess around, no water no ice.

  9. I had a Irish Crème taste test, more than 10 years ago, for New Years. Those familiar with Irish Crème or had any notion of what Irish Crème was chose Baileys hands down. Those who had never heard of or had occasion to try an Irish Crème chose one of the other brands also completely. I don’t recall the brand but it claimed to beat Baileys in taste tests. Bottom line you like what you are used to.
    I certainly am interested in the product of this post and willing to give it a try if it becomes available locally. Besides, its made near my brother in-law who lives just outside of Edinburgh.

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