Johnnie Walker Green Label Discontinued

Johnnie Walker GreenIt looks like Johnnie Walker Green Label will be discontinued.

I emailed Johnnie Walker and received this response from a representative named Eliza –

“We value loyal consumers such as yourself and we appreciate your enthusiasm. Unfortunately, Johnnie Walker Green Label has been discontinued and currently there are no plans to offer this product again in the future. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, and appreciate that you took the time to express your support for this product. However, we are glad to hear that you enjoyed Johnnie Walker Double Black Label and we encourage you to try Johnnie Walker Platinum Label or Johnnie Walker Gold Reserve in hopes that you may find a new favorite.”

Update February 2015: JW Green may be available in North America again – more details here.

I suspect the move has to do with sales. Johnny Walker Black and Red are quite affordable at $26 and $20 a bottle respective. Johnnie Walker Blue lives in that “luxury” realm of scotch at $160 a bottle.

Then you have Johnnie Walker Gold at $70.

And Johnnie Walker Green at around $50 a bottle.

To the novice scotch drinker or gift giver, you can either go inexpensive with Red and Black or you go up the luxury spectrum and consider Gold at $70 or Blue at twice the price. The $50 price point gets lost.

I’ve tried each of the five, most recently I tried the Green, Gold and Blue in one sitting. I can’t honestly say that the Green stood out above the others in any meaningful way and at $50 I don’t know if it’s particularly memorable, I’m sad to say. While I’m always sad to see anything be discontinued, I’d be lying if I said I’d miss it but you can always try to make your own!

It contains Talisker, Caol Ila, Cragganmore, and Linkwood with each being at least 15 years old.

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  1. Not surprising, though I did like Green a lot and have some in my bar right now. I’m in Ontario so everything’s priced higher here, but at its previous price of $59 it was a decent buy. Recently it has been priced at $75, which is just too much. More than many of the malts it contained! (Black goes for $44, Gold $90.) Maybe I’ll get lucky and find another duty free bottle (last time, 1L for $58) before they’re gone.

  2. Do you think the value of unopened bottles will increase down the road? I happen to have two and wouldn’t mind sitting on them a decade or two.

  3. Not a bad idea but given the amount of green label in the world i would consider sitting on them for even longer. As numbers dwindle nostalgic and historic value would push price up.

  4. Actually JW blends green label from 27 different distilleries, not 4. They just like to name drop Linkwood, Cragganmore, Caol Ila and Talisker around. Those are all good whiskies and for what you pay for a bottle of Green you could get a better bottle of any of those others.

  5. I consider Green Label to be the best of the Johnnie Walker product line. Yes, better than Blue and Gold.

    Why? Complexity of flavor. Simply a fantastic honeyed dram with heather and some peat. Really unique flavor profile. Very delicate.

    Anyhow, I had heard rumours for a couple of years that this was indeed the fate of Green Label. An industry guy told me that the problem was weak sales and the cause of the weak sales was pricing. It was priced in the vicinity of 12 year old entry level single malts. He claimed that many consumers felt that they would rather spend the same amount of money on a single malt rather than a blended malt.

    My theory is Green Label could have been a great success for Diageo if it had more marketing dollars behind it. We all know about Blue Label, but how many of you really even heard of Green Label?

    Anyway, not a good day to learn of this.

  6. @Jason, you’re right on the marketing subject. Even the employees doesn’t know about the GL in some stores. In my last visit at the saq there was two bottles in the inventory but nobody really know where they were hidden. But I’ve found the hidden treasure, at last…

    Not a good news, indeed. I’ve tried to ask Diageo but their mailbox is overquota.

  7. It’s a shame, I prefer GL over all JW’s other bands (even Blue), although I haven’t tried Swing yet. Headed out to obtain a bottle this afternoon. I am stocking up on GL, 14 bottles in the closet. I also heard that Gold Label will also be phased out. Any knowledge on this?

  8. @shane : “Actually JW blends green label from 27 different distilleries, not 4.”

    Can you provide a reference for this claim, or are you confusing it with Monkey Shoulder?

    “Those are all good whiskies and for what you pay for a bottle of Green you could get a better bottle of any of those others.”

    Where I live JW Green is cheaper than even the entry level expressions from the distilleries whose malts it contains.

  9. Very disappointing as Green has always been high in the rankings as a smooth drop in my opinion.
    I would have thought the Gold would go as the price is greater without the flavor of GL.

    Some-one in the company obviously has other ideas…to me bad ones!

    Life goes on and so will JW.

  10. Sam, Diageo has also discontinued the 18 yr age statement Gold Label and replaced it with “Gold Label Reserve” which has no age statement and is a disappointing shadow of the former.

    Diageo has launched “Platinum Label” which does have an 18 year age statement and it is positioned in price in between Gold Label Reserve and Blue.

    Since you are a fan of Green Label, try Cragganmore, Glenfiddich 15 Solera and Linkwood (usually released by independent bottler Gordon & MacPhail), as these malts have many similarities with Green.


  11. As the Striding Man may have stumbled on this one so must I search out a new Scotch. I have grown a palate for Glenmorgangie, single malt, 12 year old, Lasanta to replace my dwindling stock of GL. I will be more than happy to investigate Cragganmore and Glenfiddich 15 Solera as suggested.

  12. I was told by JW reps that Green has been discontinued due to the volume required from the major 4 distilleries. Since they could no longer supply sufficient volume, JW decided not to compromise the expression and discontinue. As a result, a definite collector’s item: Stock Up.

  13. Recently saw Johnnie Walker placards (line up of products) in the Duty Free stores and GREEN is gone. What I saw was: Red, Black, Double Black, Gold Label Reserve, Diamond, and Blue. In that order with Diamond selling for about $110-$120 in the Duty Free stores.

    Having bottles of all, I consider GREEN the best blend. Regardless of the reasons, this stinks and I’m very disappointed in Diageo. Dare I say… idiots!

  14. I also have bought several bottles of JW green 45.00$ for a 750 ml on sale.Other prices in my area are pricey 65$ for a 1 liter.Whether a blend or single malt if it tastes good buy it .JW Black is also great but looked down upon by many scotch snobs I cant understand a 1.75 liter JW Black 59$ by me..Its the go too on a regular day….

  15. The quest for a new scotch goes on as my Green dwindles. Picked up a sampler pack called “The Classic Malts Collection.” Contains 3 x 200 ml: Lagavulin single malt 16 yr, Talisker aged 10 yr, and Cragganmore 12 yr. This should be an interesting week. Also tried a Grangestone Highland single malt 12 yr last night at a colleague’s house. Quite good and priced at $25/750ml. This one might become the “go to” but there is so many to try and so little time ๐Ÿ™‚

    • The Classic Malts Collection is a package put together by Diageo, they own all the brands in the list and they’re supposed to be a representation of all the various Scotch areas in Scotland. I’m not entirely sold on it but it does make for a nice gift set. I’ve had all three and Lagavulin is my favorite for its smokiness and distinct medicinal flavor. I don’t usually go for Islays but Lagavulin, Laphroaig and Ardbeg are my go tos in that area.

      As for Talisker and Cragganmore, I’ve had both but they don’t stick out in my mind. Talisker is on the smokier side so it’ll be good to compare against Lagavulin but Cragganmore is a Speyside distillery. Expect floral and fruit to dominate so if you are going to try all three, start with Cragganmore, then Talisker, then Lagavulin.

  16. Just picked up a bottle of green label today and there were plenty more left on the shelves. Reasonably priced too at $68 (this is in Australia so everythings expensive). Have they actually phased it out or are stocks just ridiculously high?

    • I have no idea, I keep hearing reports about it being available. I suspect it’s a matter of supply at this point if they truly discontinued it.

  17. Yes, Johnnie Walker Green has officially been discontinued. Diageo has removed it from every version of their JW website.

    The story is that it “cost too much” for them to continue making it. But in my eyes some executive took a look at a spreadsheet and said to someone, “wait, why are we producing this when people spend $200 on something that costs us less to make (blue label)” so they cut it.

    They are replacing the green’s “position” in the line with a Platinum Label, which was originally designed for the Asian market. Platinum is an 18 year that contains grain whisky.

    You will still find it in stores, as it was finally cut in 2012. Supplies will die out quickly though, as many online distributors are already out. If you like it buy it right now.

    It’s really sad that there’s not a single single malt blend of JW anymore. Truly sad. The Green had a lot of character but was almost too complex for me at times.

    The diageo classic malts range isn’t anything anyone should pay too much attention to. It’s just a marketing gimmick. The company has been buying and trading Scottish distilleries for a century. All the sudden they realized they held the pink slips to some of the oldest from all over Scotland and found a way to capitalize off that. This doesn’t mean they have had all that much to do with the quality of those bottlings, they just get the profits from those who have been running them forever.

    JW Green is $59 here in Oklahoma.

  18. “Lagavulin is my favorite for its smokiness and distinct medicinal flavor”…

    The first time I tried Lagavulin was late one wild Saturday night. I thought I was losing my mind when I tasted it and iodine immediately sprang to mind. Thanks for bringing back that memory. For the record I like it also and it is a taste this novice scotch drinker never forgot.

    • Yes, I had that exact same experience! First, I felt like something was off because it was so unexpected (especially if you were like me and were mostly enjoying Speysides) but I’ve come to enjoy it and the smokiness.

  19. With Diageo’s Classic Malts Collection sampler pack, I found the Graganmore 12 to be more suitable to my taste. The Talisker 10 seem to be a spicy more of a pepper taste to me and the Lagavulin 16 a heavy smokey flavor which I tend to shy away from. I will polish these samplers off and then try the Balvenie DoubleWood 12 yr single malt. My liquor store still has several bottles of JW Green but they tell me that their distributor is out so when it goes, it gone.

  20. Some bean counter probably figured out the company could increase profits by “discontinuing” the green then blending the green they have left into the gold LOL

  21. I want to buy a gift for a friend and my options in the price point I want to pay are platinum or gold Jonny Walker, what would be the best option to give my friend? (I am a non drinker and need help as he is a jonny drinker!

  22. Christine, if he is a JW drinker, why don’t you just buy his favorite JW flavor. Each scotch has its own unique flavor and he may not enjoy the gold or platinum. I would recommend a sampler pack that contains 3 or 4 200ml bottles and allow him to sample different flavors. JW doesn’t have the market corner on good tasting scotch, and a high price doesn’t mean a good tasting scotch. Might I suggest that you take him to a liquor store (outlet) and tell him his price limit and let him decide.

    • Personally, I’d do the same – either buy what you know he enjoys or go with a sampler that contains a little bit of a few so he can try other things, maybe find something else he likes.

  23. I’m very sad to see the demise of JW Green. It is far & away their best dram because it actually has flavour & complexity. I guess it doesn’t fit with the rest of the JW range which appears to be aimed at people who aren’t really whisky enthusiasts and are simply looking for something bland and easy to drink- with a bit of snobbery thrown in for the dearer blends.
    I recently attended a JW tasting which included everything except platinum. The Green stood out as the only serious whisky, although the Swing was pleasant.

    • Not as a collectible, it was just so massively produced that unless you’re willing to wait a few hundred years, chances are it won’t be a good investment. ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. For a middle class Indian, Red is a regular scotch while Black/Double Black is premium. I always hoped to drink Green some day but I guess that won’t be possible now. I don’t think I’ll ever have the same feeling with Blue because I find it atrociously premium for my income. I guess I will have to replace Green with Gold now, but I still feel let down. It’s like I wanted to study in Colombia Business School all my life for some reason but now I have to join either Havard or Stanford.

  25. Could be that the stocks of JW Green Label are massive, but millions of people will keep drinking it. JW is the best selling whisky in the world. So I think it’s a good investment, also in the short run. Although I usually drink Arbeg, Ofcourse, I bought a few bottles of JW Green Label. Prices have in fact already risen with 1o,00 Euros in the Netherlands. ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Discontinue Green Label? Interesting. I had a glass of Blue Label a few years back, didn’t like it. about a year ago I purchased a sampler pack and found I still didn’t like the Blue, but I didn’t like the Black either. I found the Green and the Gold more to my taste. According to the information in the sampler box, Blue and Black, High peat. Gold and Green Low peat. Of the Green and Gold, I preferred the Green.

  27. 1984 Islay single malt the only whisky ! you would ever want if you taste it forget blends (colonials please note use of its correct spelling )

  28. As the kids say these days; “LOLWUT?”.

    Also if you search this page for “whiskey” you’ll notice you get no hits. Nice work criticising something that doesn’t exist.

  29. Maybe Green Label still appears on the US site because there is plenty of Green Label in the supply line (ie. retail outlets and warehouses), and they will remove reference once the product is no longer on store shelves. Just pure speculation on my part.

  30. I regularly visit three different liquor stores and they still have plenty of GL on the shelves. My observations indicate that most people buy well know brand names in the $35-$50 (USD) range. GL tends to sell for $60 (USD), 750ml. Business is business and it is driven by the bottom line. Eventually, GL will disappear from the shelves. So, what is your fall back plan when it is gone? Have you started your hunt for a replacement?
    Like Don (comment March 9), I also attended a scotch tasting event which I recommend every scotch drinker should do at least once. It is a good way to sample a variety of scotchies. At this event I was able to sample Chivas Regals 18, 21 & 25 yrs, Glenlevit 15, 18 & 21 yrs, Scapa 16 yrs, Longmorn 16 yrs and Aberlour 12 yrs. For my palate, I found the CR 21 light & smooth, very good; Glenlevit 18 smooth with a taste of spice; the Scapa creamy, mild and no taste of peat; The Longmorn 16 was slighly intense but smooth with a hint of peat. Another great thing about this event was that I was able to talk “scotch” with fellow scotch enthusiast. One such enthusiast guided me towards a Glenrothes, distilled in 91, bottled in 2006 (it’s how they label their bottles). For me, this is an excellent scotch with a smooth and warm taste, no hint of peat. Good hunting!

  31. @ most of the posting. I too agree that the Green Label JW is the best. I have plenty of Blue and Gold in my inventory; however, I have 1 bottle of Green I found last night after searching 3 stored. Its my favorite. I must go back and grab more bottles.

    • My dad introduced to me because he saw it available in duty free (now it’s available everywhere) and it’s a great bottle for that price.

  32. For all the Great Britain snobbery on here, you’re not even in the top 5 consumers of your own JW product. US and Brazil, by far #’s 1 and 2, followed by Thailand (yes it’s true) and Mexico.

    JWG is my favorite….I wil stock up and lok for a replacement.

  33. Snob! Your shot across the bow JZ seems inflammatory. You may have not meant it that way but I interpreted that way and I am an American. In jest, a couple of my friends call me a “scotch snob” and at times I refer to myself as a scotch snob ๐Ÿ™‚ Maybe that is your intent, to come across as a “scotch snob” ๐Ÿ™‚ “Let the Scotch Snob Wars begin!”
    By the way, was at a duty free shop and no Green or Gold. The rest of the standard JW line up was there and sporting the Platinum. Anybody have any feedback on the Platinum? I would like to find a 200 ml sampler before I make a major investment on the unknown.

  34. Gl is different from all the other JW. It’s a pure malt made of single malts.

    All others to my knowledge have other grains in it.

    So it is unique in the JW lines.

  35. As a gift I had first tasted a bottle of JW green label and it only cost him for about 10 us dls! So i immediately become a fan of the blend. Ever since I fill my yearly stock with one or two litters of it for my personal taste (since no one seems to know this JW brand around me). Now I’m shocked because my top liquor stores are empty of it. A true shame for the whiskey snobbery…

    So I’m hopping anyone can recommend some new stories to haunt.

  36. Not surprising that Johnnie
    Walker would discontinue their Green Label. The cmpany is in the blended Scotch Whisky business. Gren Label was a vatted malt whisky. I suppose they are leaving the malt whisky business to those who produce only malts.

  37. A local liquor store here in southeast Florida has purchased two cases “at a good price”, or so the manager tells me, that they’re pricing at $40 a bottle. So I’ve picked up a couple and daresay, I should purchase more before they quickly run out. I do enjoy it. Seems a shame that Diageo has decided to eliminate its only Scotch with pure malt content.

  38. Interestingly enough, since the announcement that JW Green has been discontinued, the supply in the US hasn’t seem to diminish at all. Diego anticipated that the last bottle would be sold in the US sometime around late July/August 2013 but supplies seem to be sufficient until early summer 2014 (at least according to my local store here in New Jersey).

    Personally, I think JWG would have a much larger following if it was aged for three-to-five years more. While you could make that argument for just about any whiskey, the complexity of JWG’s flavors seem to really excel in the 18+ year range. Of course, that would really cause issues in the marketing and pricing of the upper-end Gold and Blue.

  39. Green Label is one of my favorites and I used to buy from duty free on my travels but then it was discontinued…….but fear not, I recently visited Macao and there was plenty available, so anyone in southern China or who may be visiting get some whilst you can!

  40. Not a huge scotch drinker but have had red and some other brands in the past. Looked up the info on green label and found it to sound interesting. Went to local store 2weeks before Xmas and the had about 15 bottles. Really enjoyed the taste and went back a week later and they were sold out. But ended up finding a large supply in White plains, ny. I’ll be stocking up.

  41. I just found out and am devastated at this news. I live I’m Sydney Australia and tonight I called a few places and couldn’t find any bottles- anyone know a stockist round here who may have a few left?

    • Try some of the Liquor stores on line like Good drop or Nicks.
      I have also found a few still in some small country stores around OZ on my travels, but in the last 2months pickings have dried up considerably or they want $100-120 +…..good hunting.

  42. hey steve i managed to find one in north sydney, and believe it or not the bottle shop next to it had 3!!! (none were boxed though) snapped them all up. couldnt believe i had found one in that densely populated area let alone stumbling upon one next door. i called another 30 stores none had. there could well be none left

  43. I bought half a case of green label (in Australia) when I heard they might be discontinuing it. I proceeded to somewhat foolishly yet quite enjoyably drink and share the lot. At which point you could no longer get it. Just found a bottle in the Philippines and bought that. Whether it makes it home and onto the shelf is questionable though given that I’ll be here for another week. I rate it as slightly better than the black and not much inferior to the blue (which is nice but nowhere near worth the price tag – infinitely better scotch out there for the price).

      • Spot on Jim. A bottle of red label could spend an eternity on my shelf but the good stuff seems to evaporate. And good stuff this Green is indeed. Having a look around the duty free stores in various high market Asian airports over the last few weeks I think you’re right that JW has decided to tap into the ‘elitist without any real knowledge of’ whisky market. Stylish, high priced ‘I’ve made it’ class without the substance of Green or Gold (forget the ‘reserve’) seems to be the focus now. Alas.

  44. Tonight I bought two bottles (I had to call everywhere in the Chicagoland area to find it…), one of the bottles I know will be for me, and the other will be either also for me in a good handful of years, or for selling since there will be almost no Green Label left at that point. Do you think this will be something that I’ll be able to make a profit on in 2 or 3 decades, or will I also be consuming this one due to lack of an increased value? (All of this is self-control pending…)

  45. I found a boxed 1 litre bottle at a house clearance auction and paid โ‚ฌ26 (plus buyers commission) for it. Strangely a 700ml of Black label went for โ‚ฌ30. I love the stuff and drank a 200ml bottle that I got as a present. I wonder if I can keep my hands off the 1 litre bottle….

  46. i was out picking up 3 the macallan cask strength today,and found 6 bottles of the JW green for $70 each,left them there is this something i should go back and get??,is that a good price

    • People are paying over $400 per bottle now on ebay and it’s harder than a woodpecker’s lips to find a bottle anywhere. (Dec 14).

  47. Thomas, I think $70 is a bit high but I don’t know the economic environment of your area. If you’re a JW diehard and Green is one of your favorites, go for it. If you never tried Green, buy a bottle and give it a try, after all it is no longer in production so treat yourself. Buy 2 bottles and invite the friends. Get all 6 and your Christmas shopping is done and if you enjoy the Green become the Scrooge and hoard.

      • Yes I agree with Jim, Good Job John, I saw some at BJ’s not long ago, didn’t realize it was discontinued I was gifted a bottle a couple of years ago and was savoring it, hope I can still find a couple of bottles somewhere, its better than I had originally thought, particularly since its discontinued my Gawd….

  48. central illinois,like your reply never much of a blended guy love the single malt,guess will buy one give it a shot

  49. I have managed to find and buy eight 750ml bottles of the Johnny Walker Green Label as there are no more LTR bottles to be found in the States. In Autstralia I noticed they are selling them on Ebay for $375 AU which is equivalent to about $350 US, so i think the price will only go up in the years to come. I wouldnt be surprised if in 10 years someone would be willing to pay $5000 or $10000 for a bottle of the green stuff. But, it is only as valuable as the person buying it, right? Anyways wish i had known about this sooner then i could have bought about 100 bottles and then sipped on a case of them while the rest went up in value hehe.

  50. I was in the Phoenix area for my kids’ Spring Break recently and saw a fully stocked shelf of Green Label at the Total Wine in Gilbert at San Tan Village…if anyone wants some.

  51. Here in southeast Florida, you can still find Green for a great price even though it’s obvious that all the liquor stores are aware of its discontinuance. One store’s dealer told me that he picked up two cases at a great price so he has it on his shelves priced at only $40 a bottle. I picked up three and have consumed one. I’ve seen it elsewhere for $50 and $55. The local TW&L’s no longer stock it.

  52. Total Wines in Palm Beach Gardens, FL had several bottles of Green on the shelf going for about $60. The Coast Guard class 6 store (military liquor store) in Jupiter is sold out, I got their last 5 bottles. I have become the Scrooge!

  53. I live is the Dallas, Tx area. I stumbled across a stash of 6 JW Green Label bottles in the box at my local Sam’s Club of all places. Needless to say I bought all 6 of them. That makes 10 in my collection. (I have an obsessive personality) I can’t wait to open one and enjoy the last of a dying breed. RIP Johnnie Walker Green Label.

  54. found a military exchange with about 10 bottles on the shelf at $43 each. bought 4 when i heard it was discontinued with plans to hold on to them. 4 went down to one, bought 3 more, then to 2, bought one more, and just got another today. like the green stuff. hope i can hold on to some of it for the long run.

  55. Bought 8 bottles at BJ’s for $50 and have noticed there is no more in town glad I got my JW green label when I did

  56. Brisbane Australia. My son brought me a 1ltr bottle of Green label when returning from military service in Afganistan 7yrs ago. I told him I would open it when he has his first child. Im still waiting. Now its discontinued he may have to have twins for me to crack the seal

  57. Adam here who posted 13 of Jan.

    Funny enough but despite the Green labels value on ebay and the like there are STILL bottles around youcan get in the shops. Gotta look though. I have bought most of them but i know there are still 5 out there.

    • Hi Adam,
      Well done on scoring a few bottles of this. Can I ask where can find the 5 out there? I have never had any, and would love to try a bottle.

  58. just tried the green label and loved it! My first JW by the way. Bought it boxed in Madeira when I was on a holliday. Surprised to see this stuff go for $50, they sell it for โ‚ฌ36 there! So sad when I find a good whisky and it is to be discontinued.

    • Brian, I think you should drink it.

      If you are thinking of saving it for a day when it will be considerably more valuable, you could be waiting a very long time (ie. 15 – 20 yrs) because there are so many of these bottles that were in circulation. Moreover, it is not a single malt. Single malts tend to be much more collectible or at least that is the case in the eyes of the collectors.

      I think Green Label is a tremendous delight that should be enjoyed!


  59. Hi there guys,

    I only found out a few weeks ago about the Green label being discontinued and all. I know a little S L O W…
    can someone please tell me where I could buy a bottle, just one, not 2 or 4 or half a dozen. Just one bottle is what I’m after.
    I live in the Ryde district in Sydney, Australia.
    I read a comment on this blog saying they found some in North Sydney, You wanna sell ONE bottle to me mate, Please!!!

    • hey martin,

      that was me who found the bottle in north sydney. found 2 others in the bottle shop along the way (massive coincidence).

      Very very tough to get now. Those 5 are gone. It was at long jetty on the central coast.

      ill sell you one for 250 if your genuine.
      can sell you a johnnie walker gold centenary for 150 as well (ebay it). i live near you

  60. My sister in law spotted a 750 ml bottle on her vacation in Colombia. Needless to say that I’m drinking some of it while writing this down. Too bad it’s discontinued, it’s a really great drink.

    • I noticed I found a bottle too at my neighborhood liquor store… I didn’t buy it but it seems that it’s not impossible to find still.

  61. I was on a trip to Missoula MT stopped in Spokane , wa– none found, state line Idaho none found , Missoula one of the best stock of Scotch around – none found. the funny thing is when i got back to Yakima, wa went to the liquor store blocks from my house -i found 4 bottles ! but @ $ 86.74 ea and the tax at $ 20.61 = $ 107.35 !!
    My Tax dollars will not from the wash. liquor purchase here. i buy in Oregon taxes way better

  62. Yesterday I found the last three bottles of Johnny Walker Green label after searching for it everywhere… I am definitely going to save two bottles and enjoy one for myself… I really do like the taste of this one compared to the others… I am very surprised that it is being discontinued….

  63. Hey Adam… I found it in a local liquor store in Pembroke Pines florida… I’m going over there today” to see it I could find at lease two more bottles..

  64. Hey Adam…. I just got back from the liquor store phone myself two more bottles of Johnny Walker Green label…. The liquor store is called “Total Wine” located at Plantation florida… They only have 7 Bottles left.. Wish I could a got all of them but I couldn’t Afford to get it right now… At least I have Four bottles on me” That’s more than enough for me.. Drink one and save the rest..

  65. I have heard some time ago JW Green Label is being discontinued. I have enjoyed one full bottle here in Puerto Vallarta Mexico and absolutely love it! i drank straight from the glass. And got the bottle at 45 USD ! at the same time i got a JW Gold Label 18 years old. Too bad i cant find another Green Label one here near of me. But i will keep my eyes open! Keep sharing the findings guys ! greetings from Mexico.

  66. I found 4 750ml bottles of green in a small liquor store in Queens NY for $68 I had to get them all. Keep your eyes open you can still find some but getting much harder in NY

  67. Wow, after reading all these posts I am glad that I picked up 3 bottles of the Green in 2012 at the LCBO (Ontario’s government controlled store). I think I paid 68 Canadian dollars each. Looks like I better hide the 2 unopened bottles.

  68. Hello ladies and gentalman!! I have recently had the privilege of buying some green label but to my suprise I had to buy the whole case at 175 a bottle. It seems I have an expensive taste which I can’t afford according to my better half she almost had heart failure when I made the purchase!! Any way I would be willing to share let me know if anyone is interested I don’t mind sharing I’d like to keep 4 bottles for my self and let’s sip this no bottoms up bad move on JW my favorite blend is gone

  69. I am searching for JW Green for a very good friend to give to him as a Bday/christmas present. He absolutely loves the Green but I can’t find it anywhere online at all!! Help!!!

  70. I did a search online and found several places that had green label in stock. I bought 2 bottles from and received them today with no problems.

    I just looked and they still show availability. Other places I found were and Prices varied from $70 to $87. Also found a handful of places in New York but they wouldn’t ship outside of NY. The 4 places I listed above would ship to me. Liquor Barn was the cheapest and I had them in less than a week.

  71. Hi,
    Tell me,which is rarer to find ,.075 L or 1L of JW green label?I found 2 bottles.1 bottle 1L and 1 0.75L and i want to know which one to buy.thanks

    • I’m no expert, but 750ml is the standard size in the U.S. and 700ml (70cl) seems to be the standard in the U.K. I’d say the 1L is the rarer one.

      How do they compare in price? Is the 1L less than 1/3 more than the 750ml?

  72. Hello,
    I live in the Chicago Area and was able to find some GL in a liquor store located in California and Milwaukee, they had one bottle left when I left there yesterday. Just passing along the info.

  73. My father passed away last Christmas and I have been sitting on his stash. Would like to get rid of them as I don’t drink much anymore. I have 2 bottles of green along with 4 gold a blue and several bottles of black. He was a pipelined and seemed like every week someone would leave a bottle in his truck. Is there any value in the green since its discontinued?

  74. ive just been in a liqueur store in portugal and found a litre bottle of jw green selling at 91 euros because they have like it’s already been said discontinued

  75. Hi guys,

    Foolishly drank my green label and found it discontinued when trying to buy another. I’m in sydney can’t find any. Anyone willing to part with one for 150?

  76. I found 5 bottles of Johnny Walker green at a liquor store in chicago, Milwaukee and Lawrence. going to enjot them slowly

  77. Hey guys,

    I live in San Diego and have a few Green Label bottles in the back of my scotch cabinet. If anyone is interested I’d be willing to part with a couple. Let me know!

  78. Does anyone know a blending ratio of the single malts that make up Green Label. We know what single malts go into making Green Label, but at whats amounts of each?

  79. If it’s a good dram that had been discontinued it will be worth much more as it becomes harder to find. They continue to produce green label for the Asian market, but it is not the Green Label we have all learned to love. I buy every bottle I can find to keep this fine dram available however the price has potential to reach 900% above the current price. I’m all in for Green Label, there’s some serious money to be realized with this dram

  80. Great marketing ploy!
    Guess what …. Bc liqour stores have now restocked their stores. They had no green label last year. And now they have a few hundred bottles….
    Sounds like it is still being produced.
    But is it the same as 2010/2012? Which scored the 95 points??

    I have to laugh at the FOOLS who paid above retail !! Lol

  81. I noticed it was rereleased recently, but cant find any info on it. It’s no longer a corked bottle like it used to be, not sure if there’s any differences in the actual whiskey though. anyone have any info?

  82. Rereleased? RERELEASED!!!!!!?


    I bought the last 2 bottles in Texas about 4 months ago. Had to have them shipped to Dallas from the corners of the state. Been nursing them ever since, not anxious to have to do without this great malt blend.

    If anyone knows where to get this in the USofA, I volunteer to find out if the spirit is different from the previous, corked version.

    • It simply showed up on the shelves of my local liquor store in CT — and as everyone else on this chat has noted, it’s got a measured, plastic stopper and a screw cap – no more cork. I think it’s going to be readily available everywhere soon. I THINK the taste was the same — but I really need to compare it to the remaining bottles I have stored up in Maine to know for sure.

      • Ted,
        If there is a measured plastic cap on the bottle, it was destined for the far east. This is the way JW protects the bottles from being reused with an inferior product as many countries do not have strict liquor laws. The spirit is the same, so enjoy.

    • I never heard back from Diageo, I have from many others that the current release retains the 15 yr age statement. One notable change is that these bottles do not have cork stoppers but rather twist off cap with a jigger device in the neck. I don’t care if Diageo went cheap on the cap so long as they didn’t go cheap on the whisky.

      A reader needs to post a tasting note of this recent release.

      • I bought it when it appeared — I believe it tastes the same as the original but really need a side by side to confirm. I noticed that this is four 15-year-old single malts, blended; I have a distinct recollection that the original was fifteen 15-year-old single malts, but I could be wrong.

  83. Green is available again but for a limited time. I just spoke with a rep at the Whisky Show in NYC. It seems that Johnny Walker Green is very popular in Taiwan so it will always be available there, but they just sent one batch to North America so it’s strictly a limited time item. Act now if you want it.

  84. If I have a bottle of green lable 750ml,what is the offer on it,I am in south africa,and 1 litre as well,what expected value will green label have in the future

    • Lots of the new Green bottles here in Maryland but the price point is a disappointment @ $65 on low end and $75 being the norm. I just picked up some JW Platinum 18yo on sale for $58 a bottle. For the Green $45 is ideal price point IMO. Dewar 15 I can get for $40, not a good as JW Green or is it apple to apples compare other then being 15 and a blend but again its not an apples to apples blend. Point being the price needs to be realistic. I purchased two bottles of JW Green at $69 but I doubt I’ll do that again if I can get 18yo for same price. Just need to stock up when there are sales.

  85. What most people don’t seem to realize is that while all the other Johnny Walker labels are Blended Scotches, Johnny Walker Green Label is the only Blended MALT Scotch. This means that it is distilled from a 100% malted barley mash with no neutral spirits (like vodka) added to the blend. This is what makes the Green Label superior to all the other Labels of Johnny Walker and this is what makes the Green Label a Scotch-drinker’s Scotch. Most liquor stores generally place them in the blended scotch sections with all the other Johnny Walker Labels, as well as Famous Grouse, Dewar’s, and Chivas Regal, when really, it should be placed in the sections of blended or single malts along with Monkey Shoulder, Sheep Dip, McCallan and Glenlivet. Knowing this, you can come to realize the bargain you’re getting with this high-quality whisky. It was eventually discontinued because people thought, “why would I buy the Green for $50+ when I can get Black for under $25?” Hence, no one bought Green Label. In terms of quality, I would purchase and enjoy Green Label over Blue Label any day, even if they are both the same price.

    • Just bought a bottle of Green at a random liquor store I passed on the way home from work. I was pleasantly surprised to find it as other stores in my area don’t have a single bottle! I have read that it had been re-released and was anxious to get my hands on a bottle. I have been enjoying Double Black but I have to say, this is really outstanding. The only thing I don’t like about it is there is some funky pour cap in the bottle. Apparently it’s something Diageo has implemented to prevent counterfitting. Anyway, I couldn’t agree with Harry more – this really is an outstanding product. Go find a bottle and enjoy – you wont regret it.

  86. I think the Green Label of a few years ago was truly incredibly as it exhibited tremendous complexity of flavor. However, this recent reintroduction or re-launch is not tasting the same. It is sweeter and on the finish it is less trying. I sense that Talisker or Caol Ila is not in the same proportions as blended in the older version. For that reason, it is no longer better than Blue Label.

    While Green Label is a blended malt (containing no grain whisky) that attribute in itself does not automatically mean a blended malt is always superior to a blended Scotch. Monkey Shoulder is a prime example. I am not a great fan of it. I find it thin and lacking depth and much like Chivas 12. Matter of fact, I prefer Chivas 12 the blend over Monkey Shoulder the blended malt. Another example would be Hibiki 17yrs or 21yrs or Yamazaki 12 yrs. These Japanese whiskies are all blends of grain and malt whiskies. All these Japanese whiskies are superior to the relaunched Green Label.

    I really was a huge fan of the old Green, but the new one is a shadow of its former self.


  87. They didn’t re release it, it’s simply the last of it in existence. They rounded up all that was left and are seeking it off in North America. I own a liquor store and it available to be at 58$ wholesale. I’m not buying it because I previously paid 27$ on Closeout when they initially liquidated it. I retailed it for $44.99 and my customers are spoiled, no way they will pay an 69$ retail

    • Hello, kaushal, The Green Labels are not the same. The earlier release is listed and labeled as a Pure Malt. The recent release of The Green Label is listed differently, a Blended version? I’m not certain as to why “they” are marketing their product differently? There seems to be an insincere approach to the Jonnie Walker marketing approach to selling. It really shouldn’t be this difficult to decipher an open product, however…and sadly, we as consumers need to keep a close eye on potential shady marketing and their company’s.

  88. I bought two of these at my local vintage cellars in Sydney last Wednesday.

    They were $65 per bottle. Dan Murphys have them listed as coming soon with a price of $79.99

    The two I got at vintage cellars are in the new heavier style new bottle, but they are not a twist top. Both bottles also came in a box have a cork.

    • hi shawn. I got a 200ml bottle in box 15 year old. did you get it in Dubai? I also bought a 12year old black label anniversary with gold striding man at the same time, both in Dubai. cheers roy

  89. I have 2 Green Label 1000ml 15years bottles in India.

    I have purchased it in the year 2009 January.

    Can i know what will be the expected value of each green label bottle.

  90. I’ve just received a boxed, corked bottle of Johnnie Walker Green from my daughter for Father’s Day (06/09/15 in Australia), purchased from one of the main Liquor chains here, Dan Murphy, owned by Woolworths. I have no idea how long it will be available or if it will be continued, but needless to say, it will be put away and stored very carefully for a very long time and enjoyed on a very special occasion.

  91. I have a genuine corked 1Lt Johnnie Walker 15 year old in a box in excellent condition. The price is R2000.
    I live in Cape Town South Africa.
    You may publish my email address should anyone be interested in buying.

  92. My son works for a major liquor retailer in Seattle and told me about a month ago that they received only 5 fifths of Green Label. I unfortunately didn’t act on it immediately and they all sold within two hours. I was fortunate enough to locate a bottle today at $90.52 US. There’s a difference in the bottle, ie, thickness and a different neck, but I’m happy to have aquired the last bottle in stock. I’m saving it for Christmas Eve, so it’ll be three months before I discover what’s changed, hopefully not the flavor of this find blend. This bottle of Johnnie is going to be harder to aquire than Pappy Van Winkle. :::feeling lucky:::

  93. I love the green label . when I saw they were going to discontinue I kept my last bottle unopened . then was talking to my local liquor store manager where I order a lot of liquor . she said she could get it for me . I have gotten 2 bottles of it . these are taller stouter bottles than my last one and they didn’t come in a box . I’ve not opened or tried the new ones but will open one tonight . it does have a screw cap as opposed to cork on originals . cost was $60 .

  94. As soon as i found out it was being discontinued i went to my local liquor store and bought 3 cases. Bottoms up ๐Ÿ™‚

  95. I walked into a liquor store two weeks ago just to see if they had any in stock and found 9 fifths on the shelf, I bought them and now have 10. I’ve called every liquor store within a 100 mile radius, that’s all she wrote around these parts.

  96. I recently bought 2x new green lable 700ml $80 for the 1st & $70 for the 2nd, Dan murphys a major liquor in Australia has them on special for $70, liqourland also has these on special too for $70 while stocks last, liquorland also had the gold lable priced at $70
    I still have just below 1/4 of bottle left of old green lable left, I wasn’t able to buy any more before being discontinued
    I plan on buying as much new green lable as I can before it gets discontinued again
    My collection: 1 double black (half bottle) 1 blue lable (half bottle), gold lable travellers edition 1ltr (unopened) the spice road (too spicy for my liking) 3/4 left, the gold route (unopened), the royal route (unopened), old green lable (bottle nearly finished, 2x new green labels, the glenlevitt 12yrs

  97. What is good to mix with the JW Green Label? I was told that green tea mixes well with it if you’re consuming it with a mix. I welcome any replies.

    Thank you!

  98. I bought a bottle of JW Green Label in 1999, at the airport in Tokyo!
    In a cool dry place un-opened. Still in the box!

  99. I had purchased a bottle of JW Green label in 2005 at the airport in Singapore. Yet to open it. My son purchased today JW Green Label at the Heathrow Airport London for 47 Pounds. Will have to check on the difference between the two bottles when he arrives tomorrow in Goa India.

  100. I bought a bottle in February 2012 on a P&O cruise ship. After being told it is being discontinued. I paid 90 dollars it is a litre. The bottle is embossed with the JW walking man and est 1820 Kilmarnock and what appears to be a coat of arms. It is corked and obviously 15year old. I would like to know is it discontinued can I still buy it in Australia and is the bottle I have worth anything or should I just drink it.

  101. Does anyone have a picture of the actual bottle? How to you know if it is a cork or a screw on cap. I recently bought one and from what i have been reading it seems i paid too much for it. I got the 1litre bottle. I also got the blue label750ml and the bottle of the blue is actually bigger compared to the green

  102. Here in Holland I can buy the “new” Green label 70cl for โ‚ฌ37,50 and the “old” Green label which the same supplier still has in stock for โ‚ฌ150 in a 1liter bottle so that’s โ‚ฌ105 for 70cl.
    What’s the difference? Or is it just a collector’s item because of the larger and different labelling of the bottle?

  103. My local ALDI has gold Res. And GL for aud $64.
    Liquorland is about $20 more for gold and even more for GL.
    Have a look around you’ll be surprised what you find…

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