S’mores Forever Changed: Bourbon Marshamallows


One of my great loves in the world is putting together a fire. I’m not a pyromaniac or anything like that, but I enjoy the firepit outside as much as the fireplace inside. There’s something about the flames dancing around… it’s mesmerizing.

My wife loves fires too. She loves them because they precede s’mores. 🙂

(I kid — she loves the smell of fires, the look of them, and especially their warmth… but she’s usually the one busting out the s’mores making materials even before the kindling is ablaze!)

So when I discovered that you could find flavored marshmallows, I knew I had to get some. Stat.

I haven’t gotten them yet but I plan on getting myself a set of bourbon marshmallows made by this company Wondermade. They’re not cheap, it’s like $8 plus shipping for a package of 16, but they are bourbon flavored!

Have you tried them? What do you think?

7 thoughts on “S’mores Forever Changed: Bourbon Marshamallows

    • >PS. Are there any other whisky inspired/infused food products out there I need to know about???

      Bourbon and beans: I add 1/4 cup of Old Crow into the pot towards the last hour of slow-cooking 2 cups dried, pinto beans with enough beef broth to cover, plus typical spices, plus jalapeños and some crushed tomatoes….the aroma and the taste are, as the cowboy actors would say in Sergio Leone movies, incredibile…

      Also I use Bourbon to (VERY CAREFULLY) deglaze a cast iron pan after making the infrequent steak, and then adding margarine, Rich’s non-dairy creamer, S&P & some “beef broth” to make a nice creamy, Bourbony-laced sauce.

      Fill your hand (with a fork!), Pilgrim!

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