Glen Moray 16yo Tasting Notes

glen-moray-16-year-old-whiskyGlen Moray is a Speyside distillery located in Laich O’Moray (The Laich of Moray), an agricultural coastal plain located in Moray. Laich means low lying land and Moray is a local council area of Scotland, located in the north-east and along the coast. Based on its location, which happens to be near Elgin (the capital town of the Speyside region), it experiences milder weather and the protection of nearby mountains.

Until my first sip of Glen Moray 16yo, I’d never had any Glen Moray before. I’m a big fan of Speysides, more of the fruity spirits versus the floral ones, and so I knew that I’d become fast friends with Glen Moray. It’s finished in ex bourbon casks from the United States.

It probably doesn’t get as much press and media since it’s owned by La Martiniquaise, France’s 2nd largest spirits group, and not one of the massive conglomerates.

What caught my eye was the tin canister – most whiskies here are in boxes – and when I opened it, I liked the design of the bottle. It was reminiscent of whisky stills.

What’s fun about this whisky is that it’s a marriage of whisky matured in ex Bourbon and ex Sherry casks. They literally take one batch and age the new make in ex Bourbon casks for sixteen years, take another batch and age it in ex Sherry, then put them together.

Tasting Notes:

  • Nose: Sweet and dry fruity like raisins, tiny hints of vanilla, no floral or peat.
  • Palate: Sweet with a firm body, some tannins but not much, a bit of caramel and barley richness
  • Finish: Medium finish with a sweet aftertaste

It’s a classic fruity Speyside that’s light, easy to enjoy neat, and smooth. ABV 40% and comes in a nice decorative tin if you’re thinking about gifting it.

9 thoughts on “Glen Moray 16yo Tasting Notes

  1. Hi Jim!

    I was actually just researching this yesterday and was struggling to find a decent review. Glen Morays are just so affordable but really needed to know whether they had value associated with that affordability.

    The Port Cask and Chardonnay 10 Year Old showed themselves to be pretty good contenders, but I had to question a 16 year old being offered under AUD $70!

    Thanks for the review! I wonder if the distiller will think of future release of the 16 y.o at probably 46% with NCF. The possibilities!

    • they are actually planning on releasing a 18 year old NFC in the near future. The 16 is set to be discontinued and replaced with 15 year old (slightly higher sherry content) and a 18 year old with non chill filtration. Interesting times 🙂

      • Hi Jonathan,
        Is it officially discontinued? I could hardly get one in NYC Liquor stores or US websites. Other Euro websites most likely sold out. Just discovered this Tin Glen Moray with the Queen 2 owning it as well.

  2. Thanks for this review. I knew of Glen Moray, mostly in that I couldn’t get it up here in Toronto, but that it was very reasonably priced in the States. I was very pleased to get this very bottle when my mom returned home from Florida in March. You make it sound just what I hoped for. As I am growing quite tired of PR hype and peat, I find myself drawn to distilleries like Glen Moray, Glen Gran and Glengoyne. Steadfast quality, and a fraction of the bulls@#t.

    • I need a change of pace myself sometimes and peat peat peat gets to be too much. I feel the same way about IPAs and beer, seems like everyone wants to get as much hops as possible that it blows out your senses. Glad to see a fellow Speysidian!

  3. Never has the whisky, but recently had a cider that was aged in Glen Moray barrels. Really good cider. Got a nice taste of the whisky in there which actually complimented the cider. I believe the name of the cider was thistle cross.

  4. I have a spending rule with single malt Scotch, i.e., not to spend more than $40 for a bottle that is only 40% ABV which is why I’ve never purchased the 16 year Glen Moray priced at $56 here in southeast Florida. The higher the ABV, the more taste, which makes sense since in order to lower the ABV once it comes out of the cask at around 58 to 62% ABV, water is added. The more water that is added in order to lower the ABV, the more dilution, that is, the lessening of taste. That said, a very good buy here is the 10 year 43% ABV Glen Moray Chardonnay Cask single malt for only $36. I also like the 40% ABV Glen Moray Port Cask NAS single malt, worth the low $30 price.

  5. Once upon a time, there was an illicit still in downtown Elgin.
    The revenue people could smell it but were unable to find it.
    Until the local council decided to tear down the public toilets which were situated below ground in the centre of Elgin, as they were in many towns and cities in the UK.
    Behind one of the walls at the back of the office where the attendant sat to read the racing paper, the contractors uncovered the still. Fully operational, left intact by the owners and operators.
    It had a rare flavour reminiscent of my grannies home made “water of life” she produced on Islay. We didnae call it Islay Fog for nothing.
    Air do shlàinte

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