Ever Mix Milk and Scotch? (Scotch Milk Punch Recipe)

Credit: woodenmask

Credit: woodenmask

Have you ever tried milk in your Scotch?

If it sounds absolutely crazy to you, you’re not alone. It sounds insane to me.

Of all the things to mix with Scotch, one of the last things I’d think of would be milk. (the first thing would be… nothing, keep it neat please)

That said… milk does a body good. Scotch does a body good. The two together must be good… right? Right? 🙂

So imagine my surprise when someone suggested mixing scotch with milk in our Facebook group. Rather than mix it at random, which sounds it would’ve been a HUGE mistake for me but a lot of fun for you to read about :), I found this recipe.

  • 2 oz. Scotch
  • 6 oz. Milk
  • 1 tsp. Powdered Sugar (or a drop or so of simple syrup)
  • Shake with ice, strain and garnish with nutmeg

I never made it though, I chickened out because the recipe’s author later updated his post to say he was nauseous afterwards.

Milk and booze are not new, we are all probably familiar with White Russians (vodka, Kahlua, and heavy cream), and there are milk punch recipes that are basically the above except replace Scotch with another liquor, like rum.

So, anyone out there brave enough to try it?

40 thoughts on “Ever Mix Milk and Scotch? (Scotch Milk Punch Recipe)

  1. Milk punch was why I started on my scotch journey! I found it in my bartending book on a slow night only to be chastised by my scotch loving friends when they brought over their favorite scotchs for me to try & I got out the milk 😉
    I will still make it when I happen across a scotch that lends towards too sweet. 🙂

  2. Got a bottle of Cask Strength Macallan. On the sweet side like other Macallans but just way to HOT to drink neat. I may try it. The nutmeg sounds good if it were a warm prep.

  3. On a few occasions when I’ve been laid low by a bad cold, I’ve resorted to my version of a hot-toddy: a steaming-hot mug of milk, mixed with a teaspoon of honey, some freshly ground nutmeg and a good pour of scotch. (Keep pouring until your wife says, “what the hell are you making?”) Even hot, it still sounds….let us be generous and say “odd”…but it’s good for what ail’s you.

    Obviously, I wouldn’t waste single malt on this—a Dewars or JB Black is more than sufficient.

  4. I have heard of this called sweet milk and have read some variations of it in Scotland. Might have to give it a try, but I can’t stand nutmeg in anything. Not even in eggnog which is another milk with liquor drink.

  5. Can’t believe no one has never heard of THE WHITE CADILLAC. Great after a long night of drinking, just before bed, and SLEEP. Settles your stomach, try it.

  6. I came across this when I heard Maes scotch house sold this drink which was popular before the kitchen and fried chicken was added. Not sure of the exact recipe but supposedly it was couple ice cubes few ounces scotch and a ounce or so of milk. Then like chitterlings when it made it’s introduction to the white town they called it a milkball and no longer consider it a poor drink. Idk but I might try it

  7. I grew up with a father who loved 2 oz J&B scotch, a tbl of sugar, and fill the milk glass up with milk. I still like it myself.

  8. Doesn’t sound crazy to me. Here in SF there’s an ice cream place whose most popular flavor is “Secret Breakfast” ice cream — made with Jack Daniels and cornflakes. I don’t see how milk + scotch is too different from that!

  9. The cop in the 70’s beach movie “Malibu Beach” was drinking scotch and milk in a scene where he stops for a drink while on duty I assumed it was to make it look like he was just having some milk while on duty!

    • Also in the movie “The New Centurions” (1972) George C. Scott is training rookie officer Stacey Keach. In one scene they are hauling a bunch of street-walkers to jail in a paddy wagon and the hookers convince George C. Scott to stop and get them some scotch and milk on the way to the lock-up.

  10. One of my Dad’s potato buyers gave him a fifth of scotch for Christmas. I asked him if I could have it, I was 13. He said sure, as long as you mix it with milk because that is the only way to drink it. I got so sick after 1/4 of the bottle. Violent sick. The ass set me up. Took me 18 years to drink scotch again.

  11. So I’ve got some Johhny Red and I’m all outta cola but there’s plenty of milk in the fridge and just about bedtime. I love myself a White Russian so let’s try it…
    Let’s go with 1 part Scotch to 3 parts milk…
    Hmm, think I’ll stick to the White Russians if I want to mix milk with alcohol. Not a foul flavour necessarily but it kinda just makes both liquids taste worse than they do individually.
    Live and learn

  12. Yes…I love my scotch mixed with milk….just these two. No hangovers….just an amazing feeling….I looove it

  13. I don’t understand I have always drank scotch & milk. Not good quality 25 yr old but cheap firewater. I find it very pleasurable as a change. Only downside it slips down a rad too easy.

  14. This is one of my favorite drinks. I’ve always been fond of brandy milk punch and At some point about 15 or 20 years ago someone told me about white Cadillacs .

    I put A couple cups of milk and a quart mason jar with a little simple syrup and as much scotch as I feel I want and a handful of ice cubes. I make a brandy milk punch the same way but to that I add nutmeg before I shake it.

    I heard a legend that a white Cadillac was an old jazz musician’s drink from Prohibition days. At a party with then Governor Bob Kerry of Nebraska he quized me
    about my drink. I told him about the jazz musician’s legend . He introduced me to an old politicians drink , Tab cola.

  15. Many years ago in Miami I drove a taxi for a short while and picked up a fare that wanted to stop at the closest liquor store- he ran in and grabbed a pint of cheap scotch and a coconut flavored beverage called a Yoo-hoo – many of you have never heard of that either i’m sure – the most familiar Yoo-hoo is chocolate flavor but back then at least – and in Miami – they sold a sweet coconut flavored variety- like sweet coconut milk in a soda bottle – this guy popped open the Yoo-hoo and drank about half then poured some scotch in for a poor man’s “milk cocktail” on the go – it was the strangest thing I’d ever thought about drinking- but milk cocktails with various other alcohols have popped up on my radar over the years – that was a little over 45 years ago.

  16. I’ve drank scotch and milk for years. I’ve even converted a few

    Grants scotch and milk is a nice blend

    I love the taste of scotch but my stomach won’t handle it anymore so milk is a nice buffer.

  17. There is an elderly lady I know who drinks Whisky with milk every single day. She pours 1/3 of a pint of whisky into her pint glass & tops up to the max line with milk. Swears by it! Doesn’t appeal to me, it’s a very old lady drink, but it’s definitely not unheard of!!

  18. Yes! The first time I ever had scotch was in a drink with milk. My friend was a bartender and when I would go to his bar he would have me try different concoctions. I loved the milk and scotch drink

  19. Scotch and Milk is a legit jazz club in Harlem type drink – ever read Sonny’s Blues by James Baldwin? Ever go to a jazz club in the non-gentrified part of town?
    The recipe exists in Poister’s bartender guide-Highland Fling #1, yo!
    Why are you writing about NOT drinking Scotch? Put yer face in it!

    • YES !!!! I am 73 yrs and love my scotch and milk the first time I ever went out to a bar was with my mother and she ordered me a scotch and milk .

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