How Much is a Bottle of Macallan?

I’ve always considered The Macallan to be the BMW of scotch whisky (or, if you prefer, the Apple iPhone).

There is no doubt that Macallan puts out a great scotch whisky but you’re paying for a lot of brand name, history, and cache when you ring up at the register. BMW makes a perfectly fine car and Apple makes a beautiful iPhone, but you can get just as good, if not better, product for a lower price if you are willing to move away the brand.

That said, there’s something special about the bottle, the lettering, and the whole experience. So it’s perfectly understandable if you can’t pull yourself away!

So, how much is a bottle of Macallan? Here’s the price listing from my local Total Wine (we have a 9% sales tax on alcoholic beverages) and my benchmark whenever I see it in a store elsewhere.

Prices are for the 750ml size and current as of March 2016. I’ve included historical pricing from when I updated this post in the past, June 2015 and December 2013, if I included it then:

  • Macallan V6 – $4,899.99
  • Macallan V5 Reflexion – $1,899.99
  • Macallan 25 YO – $1,299.99 ($949.99 in 2015, $899.99 in 2013)
  • Macallan Fine Oak 21 YO – $389.99 ($299.99 in 2015, $289.99 in 2013)
  • Macallan 18 YO – $239.99 ($199.99 in 2015, $169.99 in 2013)
  • Macallan Fine Oak 17 YO – $249.99
  • Macallan Fine Oak 15 YO – $109.99 ($99.99 in 2015, $94.99 in 2013)
  • Macallan 12 YO – $55.99 ($54.99 in 2015, $48.99 in 2013)
  • Macallan Fine Oak 10 YO – $54.99 ($47.99 in 2015, $44.99 in 2013)
  • Macallan Edition No. 1 – $99.99
  • Macallan Rare Cask – $299.99

I think that the Macallan 12 YO is a reasonable price, things just start getting a little crazier as you move up the age range. You’re paying $15 more than Glenlivet 12 YO (I know you can’t compare the two in this way but I enjoy both, for different reasons) whereas the jump from Glenlivet 18 YO ($120) to Macallan 18 YO is a bigger one (~$199).

Over the years, the Macallan 12yo hasn’t seen as meteoric rise as the others. I suspect that it’s the most approachable Macallan and they’re loathe to increase it too much too quickly.


45 thoughts on “How Much is a Bottle of Macallan?

  1. You’re correct to caveat the comparison of Glenlivet 12 and Macallan 12. What I find more remarkable is the difference in taste and complexity between Macallan 10 and Macallan 12. You get a whole lot more out of the 12 for not much more money.

    • I agree about the 10 to 12 difference, I think it’s because 10 is “Fine Oak” and so it’s aged in bourbon and sherry (American and European) oak, whereas the 12 is aged only in sherry (mostly European) oak casks. It’s not like the 12 is just aged 2 years more than the 10 in the same casks.

  2. I cannot speak for the Macallan 18, but I enjoy the 12 and 15 quite a bit (12 to me was the superior malt), each for different reasons; I have, however, partaken in the Glenlivet 18, and found it disappointingly, if not shockingly repulsive. Is the Macallan 18 worth the larger (albeit rare) expenditure?

    • I like it but do I like it twice as much as 12? I don’t know.

      Best way for you to find out is to get a glass and see, don’t buy an entire bottle just in case!

      • My favorites in order were the 12, followed very closely by the 15, followed by the 18. The 18 is similar to the 12 and a bit more complex, but the flavors just aren’t anywhere near as attractive to me. When you then throw in the cost differential, the 12 yo wins by a huge margin.

    • I’ve never had the Macallan 18. Once I found the 12, it was the perfect everyday single malt for me. I’ve never been much impressed with Glenlivet. The Nadurra is ok, but unremarkable. Never had their 18.

    • The 18 is notably more complex but still smooth, each sip is appreciated. As for the price? I keep a bottle of 18 and a couple of 12 year bottles. The 12 is really the best value without feeling like you’re downgrading going from 18 to 12. I’m purchasing the 21 now I’ll update you to any difference.

  3. Must be my palate but peat single malts taste like ginseng and something unpleasantly floral. Abidjan is the main reason I enjoy non peated or barely any peat single malt products like The Macallan or Aberlour or Glenfarclas.

    Glenlivet, Highland Park, Laphroig, even Johnny Blue etc… taste all the same to me, absolute horrifying petroleum with a dash of iodine and salt.

    My take on peated scotches.

  4. The 25 yr old is a fabulous whisky.

    Its simply a different experience from the 12 yr old but of course comes at a hefty price.

    • I’ve had the MC 25 several times and by far the best I’ve ever had. The aroma, velvety smooth texture and taste is exquisite! I highly recommend finding a bar that carries the MC25 and giving it a try.

      • Just had my first glass of 25 last week. From a gent that has owned a few bottles of 18, the 25 is on another level completely.

        I’ve never had a scotch with that taste and texture. Unworldly. I’m now trying to talk the wife into letting me purchase a bottle. 🙂

  5. I am a huge MC fan. Not sure why, because I’m not an expert. But I drink MC12 on a regular basis, bought a few MC17 bottles (great), and a few MC18
    Bottles (slightly better).

    Why has the 17 and 18 prices skyrocketed in the past 18 months or so??? I don’t understand this.

    • There were reports that Macallan was doing away with age statements so maybe people are stocking up? Prices for scotch have been on the rise lately too.

  6. Bottle of 25 found in a woodend box – never touched – never opened.
    Not sure what we have here, as not a big drinker – this was in a house that we inherited.
    Any ideas what it is worth and where one can sell this.
    Thank you for time

  7. Looking to buy my fiancé a nice bottle of Scotch for his wedding gift. He loves MC12. He’s always fantasized about MC25. I was planning on getting it for him for a “special occasions” scotch. Wondering what anyone’s thoughts are in this? Worth this price for a true scotch lover. My only hesitation is that he wasn’t as in love with the 18 as the 12.

  8. Hi Fellow Macallan lover…

    I bought the 25 MC Fine Oak in a green box and a green label on the bottle about 10 years ago, paid 500$cnd. I am seeing 25 MC Fine Oak wood box and gold label selling for more than 1000$ nowadays, are these bottles the same as my old green one? and if so why such a HUGE rise in selling prices?

    • Scotch prices overall have been rising, the rarer stuff is rising faster still. Several years ago, Glenlivet 12 was around $37 – it’s now around $45-50! That’s a bottle that’s still in production and by no means rare. There are ery few 25MC Fine Oaks being produced so it’s no surprise the prices reflect that.

  9. We opened a bottle of Macallan 25 yr. Fine oak on my sons 40th birthday. Excellent. I purchased two bottles the following day for $920 Can each. Lucky me.

  10. Hi Jim,
    I have a Macallan Fine Oak 25 YO (the one with the gold label) without the box and was wondering where can I find a box (if they ever come in box) either wooden or cardboard?
    Your help, or from anyone else reading this, would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank You

  11. I’ve never had any but I am looking buy, I have always wanted to try a macallan, reading the feedback it sounds as if the 12yr is t th e way to go, but what wound be a recommendation? I also have been looking at Hennessey, but I have been looking toward the macallan. I have never made a purchase like this, it is on my bucket list.

    • Macallan is delicious, perhaps you can find a friend who has it and sample it first?

      Hennessy is a Cognac, which is brandy produced in the cognac region of France. Brandy is distilled wine whereas whisky is distilled beer.

  12. I have a Mac 18 fine oak from Australia. Does anyone have an idea what it is worth? It was relocated to the USA from Australia over 10 years ago.

  13. I have a 1987 700ml bottle of Macallean single malt whisky, matured in sherry oak caskets , 43% vol
    Does anyone know what it is worth

  14. A few years ago I was able to buy a 1985 18 year old Macallan including the tube for $200.00. I never knew how much it’s worth, besides what I paid for. Since then I’ve been looking for it and have found a lot of different prices. Can someone tell me how much it’s worth before I go crazy.

  15. Hello there Jim. First, thank you very much for any advice. I inherited 3 bottles of Macallan 1983 18 yr. old bottles still in the original tubes. I’m a beer and wine guy. How, if possible, do I sell these? I’d give them away, but I’m not that nice of a guy. 😉 I’ve done some homework for the price already. Thank you again.

    • John, would you still have the bottles? Have been sourcing for a birth year bottle.Would like to take one of your hand for the appropriate price.

    • John, Would be interested to take a bottle of your hands (for a reasonable price) if you still have them. Been looking for a birth year bottle.

  16. Hello Victor. Where do you live and I would ask $1,200 for it. If I don’t hear from you this weekend. I am selling all three on Monday. John. If for some reason I sell them, check out Hi-Times Liquor Store in Costa Mesa, CA. They have one for $1,600 right now.

  17. I have a 25 year Macallan Anniversary Edition in the wooden box (mint condition) given to me as a present years back. I am not a huge scotch drinker and would not be the person to enjoy this magnificent bottle. Would you know how/where to sell this in the US?

  18. I am in shock that there have been no replies to Dave’s post about a MC 25. You can probably sell that bottle anywhere and anytime (for the right price). All you need is to locate an avid whisky drinker, and after all, this site is called the scotch addict. If you don’t price yourself out of the market, you will find interest. I own various 25’s, an MC18, and a Rare cask, but no MC25. They are simply too pricey. I would be willing to throw my hat in the ring, but would need to see detailed pictures, especially of the bottle labels (front and back) and seals. Believe it or not, there are many fakes being made and offered online. A fake at any price is too much. You can contact me at my e-mail address if you want to carry this further.

  19. Does anyone know which anniversary malt 25 has the vintage year for bottling and distill blank on the front of the bottle or why macallan left the year off some of the older malts

  20. Hi there everyone,
    I’m hoping someone can help me! My grandmother passed away and left my brother a bottle of “Howard Maclaren Special”, however there is no date on the bottle. Does anyone have any way of finding out a bit more information about the bottle?
    Happy to send through a photo of the bottle. However the only date I can see is 1903. Thank You

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