Suntory Celebrates 90th Anniversary

_48C6344We all know that scotch is whisky made in Scotland but one of the most celebrated whisky distillers outside of Scotland has always been Suntory. If you are a friend of scotch, chances are you’ve heard of Suntory as well and it should come as no surprise that this year will be the 90th year they’ve been distilling whisky. While technically not scotch, since it’s produced in Japan, it’s still regarded as one of the best.

I was first introduced to Yamazaki 12 several years ago and I didn’t really like it at first. Looking back, having had it several times since, my palate was still adjusting to drinking spirits with 40% abv and higher. A lot of scotches are difficult to enjoy at first because you have to acclimate yourself to the heat of the higher alcohol percentage. In the several tastings I’ve had since, I’ve really come to enjoy it.

If you’re a fan of Yamazaki, you can thank Shinjiro Torii, the distillery’s founder in 1923. Suntory produces three major brands (two single malts and one blend) – Yamazaki, Hakushu, and a blend, Hibiki. Here’s a beautiful 90th Anniversary ebook (right click and save the file) they put out as a press kit.

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