What’s in the Toronto Pearson International Airport Authority Duty Free?

Tax + Duty Free

Tax + Duty Free

I’m going to start a new series here at Scotch Addict, photos of duty free shops in international airports.

I’m afraid I don’t that much travel anymore but many of you do — so if you go on travel and find yourself in a duty free store, mind taking a few shots and sending them my way? I’ll compile a gallery and then folks can do a little planning ahead of time.

Today’s photos come from Toronto Pearson International Airport and are courtesy of Gary (Thanks Gary!). Toronto seems to have a very extensive collection of single malts and blends, both retail and travel, and chances are you can find nearly anything you could want there.

Gary: This is the duty free in Terminal 1 by gate 60. As soon as you clear customs and the final airline check and head downstairs. They had a little bit of everything, and did have some labeling describing the scotch. Such as Highland, Lowland, also labeled as to the amount of peat/smoke.

Glenfiddich and Grant's

Glenfiddich and Grant’s

Wider shot: Lots of speysides

Wider shot: Lots of speysides

You can see a lot in this shot. You have the same row of Glenfiddich (along with some travel retail specials at the top row, Age of Discovery), below the Grant’s there is a lineup of Balvenie and Glenmorangie right under that in that first section. In the middle section, the bottom row is the travel retail boxes of Macallan. Above it is Glenkinchie and then some Aberfeldy.


This is straight on — the top row of that middle shelf was Talisker with some Chivas Regal below it. In the shelf to the left we can see ther eis Glenlivet above Coal Ila, Laphroaig and Ardbeg. With Talisker so prominently displayed in that other shelf, I’m surprised Laphroaig and Ardbeg are at the bottom here. I guess they didn’t pay their shelf dues. 🙂

Last shelf is Cognac — nice little selection.

Closeup: Middle Shelf

Closeup: Middle Shelf

Closeup of the shelf with Dalwhinnie at the top, followed by Cardhu, Glenlivet, and the Islays.

Closeup: Aberfeldy, Highland Park, Glenkinchie, Bowmore

Closeup: Aberfeldy, Highland Park, Glenkinchie, Bowmore

A shelf of just Johnnie Walker

A shelf of just Johnnie Walker

An entire rack devoted to Johnnie Walker… Blue gets the position on high.

Thanks again to Gary!

13 thoughts on “What’s in the Toronto Pearson International Airport Authority Duty Free?

  1. Hi John:
    This is a great idea! For years now I have wanted to plan my travel around the inventory and prices of duty free shops. I suggest taking this one step further and posting a price list for each duty free shop. At the moment, I am most interested in the Talisker 57 North. I believe I see it in your ‘straight on’ photo but can’t be certain… and I certainly can’t see the price due to low resolution. Keep up the great work!


    • The tricky part with this is that the prices change and it wouldn’t be feasible to update them all the time, though I can see why it’d be really valuable!

      What’s also tricky is that this is basically citizen journalism – I need to rely on readers to take photos and send them to. They’re often on a cell phone and so the resolution isn’t the best but it’s doable. I think that being able to see the selection is the best we can do (for now).

  2. Ciao Gary, this is a great idea!! The shots of the airport stock are very useful! Just to add more details, would be great to get the prices a bit more clear, so we can realize if it’s convenient or not to buy in that airport. Just to give you an example, I have a friend coming back from Toronto on Monday, and if the price of the age of discovery is good, i would let him buy one! Thanks again!!

  3. Dear Jim!

    I’ve been in Narita Airport (Tokyo) 4 weeks ago. There were a lot of Glenmorange promotion desks. Also i’ve got a bottle of The Glenlivet Nadurra (The Glenlivet – is my favorite) there, and big surprise for me was a gift – watches in The Glenlivet colors with logo.
    Two weeks ago i’ve been in Taipei Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport and suddenly have found a big booth of The Glenlivet brand with billiard table and opportunity to try The Glenlivet Master Distiller’s Reserve (i’ve bought one in the next airport).
    Next was Hong Kong International Airport. This time it was big promotion campaign of Glenfiddich brand. The gift was a nice trolley for only 1000HKD spent on the Glenfiddich scotch.
    During this trip there were also Beijing Capital International Airport, but nothing special where.
    I travel a lot in Asia and should say that the Hong Kong International Airport is the most richest concerning scotch. Big choice of whisky brands and of cause a lot of traveller’s editions and great gifts usually only for one bottle!!!

    Next time i will make pics and share with you!

    • You rock! I’ve been to Taoyuan before and when I was there last year there was a huge promotion for Johnnie Walker. I guess sometimes it’s all about who is doing a big promo at the time right?

      I’d love it if you sent me pictures next time!

  4. Wow great idea! It’s very usefull! I would like to know if you remember having seen the Ardbeg Uigeadail and the Highland Park 2001 (a duty-free exclusive)?

    Thank you very much!

  5. Where can I buy scotch at cheapest price? At Pearson airport, while travelling from Toronto to Vancouver airport.

  6. I’ll be commencing to the toronto pearson airport from delhi international, india via amsterdam .
    So what do you sugggest that i should buy the stuff from delhi duty free and carry it all way long to canada or buy it from canadian airport and also i am coming on a student visa so is there any complications ???

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