$30,000 Bottle of Scotch

Did you know that there exists in this world a $30,000 bottle of Scotch?


Another pricey Scotch whisky has been sold for an impressive number. This time it’s the Chivas Royal Salute. Gustad recently proclaimed his love of the 21-year-old Royal Salute, this scotch is the 50-year version which was created to mark the 50th birthday of the brand and the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. Bottle number one of a batch of 255 was recently sold in Auckland for $30,000. The bottle was originally given to Sir Edmund Hillary in 2003 and it was bought back by Chivas Brothers, with the proceeds going to the Himalayan Trust for development work in Nepal. Not all the bottles were sold for such a high price, but they all sold for a minimum of $8888.

The story was from 2006 but it’s still pricey, three years later!

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