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Scotch Whisky Naming Conventions

Look at enough bottles of Scotch whisky and you’ll start seeing the same words over and over again. How many distilleries have “glen” in their name? Glenlivet, Glenfiddich, Glengoyne, Glenfarclas, Glen Grant… you get the idea. Many of the distillers … Continue reading

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Rob Roy Drink Recipe

When it comes to scotch, I think it’s best served in a scotch tasting glass and with nothing else. Some prefer it on the rocks but I usually have it neat (without ice). There are, however, plenty of scotch mixed … Continue reading

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90% of Whisky Sales: Blended Scotch

I was surprised to learn that 90% of all whisky sales are towards blended Scotch whiskies and not single malt whiskies. While The Star doesn’t cite a reference, I’m inclined to believe them because many of the most famous brands … Continue reading

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Wood Finishes

One of my favorite Scotches is The Balvenie’s 12 year old DoubleWood. It spends most of its live in a traditional oak whisky cask and then spends a little vacation in a Spanish oak sherry cask. It spends a little … Continue reading

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GlenDronach Distillery

I discovered GlenDronach on Twitter, of all places, and learned that the distillery has been in business for almost 200 years. Founded in 1826, GlenDronach Distiller become the “largest duty paying distillery in the Scottish Highlands” in the 1860s. By … Continue reading

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