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Best Scotch for a Special Occasion

“What is the best scotch for a special occasion?” A reader recently emailed me that question and I absolutely loved it. In Chinese culture (and many many others), alcohol features prominently in celebrations of any kind. Almost every family has … Continue reading

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Is Older Scotch Always Better Scotch?

When you walk into your local liquor store in search of your favorite spirit, what do you notice at the top of the shelves? Usually it’s the pricier stuff at the top and the pricier stuff is often the “oldest” … Continue reading

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Is Macallan 12 Being Discontinued?

No The Macallan 12 is not being discounted, don’t freak out. 🙂 I wasn’t trying to be sensational with the title (which is why the answer isn’t buried somewhere in the middle of the post) but this was the title … Continue reading

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Islay vs. Speyside Scotch

It’s very difficult to mass categorize the wonderful spirits of Scotland’s myriad collection of distilleries but if one were forced two, the easiest buckets to put them in are based on smokiness. On one side, we have the heavily “peated,” … Continue reading

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Dazzling Macallan 18 Year Holiday Box

Macallan is one of my favorite single malt Scotches and this holiday season, shipping in November, Macallan will be offering a new eye-catching dazzling box for all your gift giving needs (hint hint, nudge nudge). A photo of the new … Continue reading

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